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Absolute Beginner
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Take your first 3 steps to learn and understand Mandarin Chinese:

steps    Step 1: Learn how to read PinYin - A way of writing Chinese using the Roman alphabet.


steps  Step 2: Learn the 5 different tones of Mandarin

Chinese tones

  steps   Step 3: Practice different sounds with different tones


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"....my friend and I started working on your Chinese lessons today with a Taiwanese friend of hers and all I can say is THANK YOU. We've been floundering for the past few weeks just asking how to say random phrases and forgetting them promptly.

 Your lessons are set up in an easy to follow repetitive way that forces it into your brain. I'm so grateful that you have created something for foreigners from a foreigner. I'm really looking forward to the following lessons.I know this is going to help me with my Chinese and since I've been here for over a year, it's about time I start learning the language.
Thanks again!! "
        Danille  - Canadian English Teacher in Taiwan

" @Hein, your site looks great! Keep up good work~ "  MeiChun Jones - Native Chinese speaker  | easywaytolearnchinese.blogspot.tw

"Hey checked out your webpage! Pretty cool- and I agree totally with your 3 steps for learning Mandarin ! "
Professional Mandarin School in Shanghai, China | mandarinworld.com.cn

"There is now an amazing Mandarin Translators company - OneHour Translation, who are the experts  in their field." 

"Dear Hein,  My name is Yakup from Turkey. I've been living in Taichung  for more than a year. I  am studying MBA here and also trying to learn Mandarin.  I would like to say many thanks for your awesome webside for Mandarin  learners. I really like your webside because it is well organized, especially the categories with words and sentences, I think to categorize is very  important while learning a foreign language or any other subject."   Yakup - MBA student in Taiwan

"I wanted to thank you for everything, Hein. Your lessons have been an immense help, and without them I most likely wouldn't even know the slightest bit of Mandarin. I'm sure I speak for everyone that uses "123SpeakChinese" when I say that it's greatly appreciated."         - Isaac from Dallas, Texas.
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