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Sentences for Advanced Mandarin Chinese learners with vocaubulary from SCTOP Advanced Wordlist.

挨 [āi] /lean to/in order/in sequence/
愛 戴 [ài dài] /love and esteem/
愛 國 [ài guó] /patriotic/love of country/patriotism/
愛 滋病 [ài zī bìng] /AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome)/
安 頓 [ān dùn] /find a place for/help settle down/arrange for/undisturbed/peaceful/
安 撫 [ān fǔ] /placate/pacify/appease/
安 寧 [ān níng] /peaceful/tranquil/calm/composed/free from worry/
安 詳 [ān xiáng] /serene/
安 置 [ān zhì] /find a place for/help settle down/arrange for/
安 裝 [ān zhuāng] /install/erect/fix/mount/installation/
暗 暗 [àn àn] /secretly/inwardly/

挨:   他的挨門挨戶推銷的做法很有效.     - His door-to-door sales method is very effective

愛 戴:  他博得了我的愛戴.                             - He has won my love and esteem.

愛 國:   他們都很愛國.                                      - They are all very patriotic.

愛 滋病:  他得了愛滋病.                                  - He has aids.

安 頓: 在妳新家裡都安頓好了嗎?                 - Have you got everthing settled at you new home?
我終於安頓下來了.                                  - I have finally settled down.

安 撫: 我安撫我的孩子說這裡沒有危險的動物. - I assured my son that there are no dangerous animals here.

安 寧: 我渴望安寧生活:                                     - I thirst for a peaceful life.

安 詳: 我的奶奶在床上安詳的去世了.          - My grandmother passed away peacefully in her bed.

安 置: 我最好把我爸爸的工具安置好.             - I'd better put my father's tools in the right place.

安 裝: 明天我的房東要安裝新的冷氣.             - Tomorrow my landlord will install a new air conditioner.

暗 暗:  他暗暗發誓要為死去的朋友報仇         - He secretly vowed to take revenge for his friend's death.

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