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Sentences for Advanced Mandarin Chinese learners with vocabulary from SCTOP Advanced Wordlist.

頒獎 [bān jiǎng] present award/ honor
辦案 [bàn àn] /to handle a case/
半成品 [bàn chéng pǐn] semi-finished products/
半島 [bàn dǎo] /peninsula/
半導體 [bàn dǎo tǐ] /semiconductor/
幫 [bāng] group/gang/party/
綁 [bǎng] /to tie/bind or fasten together/
包袱 [bāo fu] load/weight/burden/
包圍 [bāo wéi] /surround/encircle/
寶 [bǎo] /a jewel or gem/a treasure/precious/
保安 [bǎo ān] /public security/

頒獎 - 他們為了迎新頒獎時需要使用音樂.
In order to welcome the new award they used music.
Where can I dowload the presentation music?

辦案 - 世界上有名的辦案高手是誰?
Who is the best in the case handling in the world?
The police will report the progress speed of the case.
He said he did not interfere with the case handling.

半成品 - 半成品必須是經過檢驗合格.
Half-finished products must go through a quality test.

半島 - 位於馬來半島的西南部、
Located on the southwest Malay Peninsula

半導體 - 半導體在自動化和信號上面即將起著重要作用。
Semiconductors are going to play an important part in automation and signalling.

幫 - 這幫人正被警方追捕。
The gang is being hunted by the police.

綁 - 把繩子綁牢,免得它鬆脫。
Bind the rope fast lest it should come loose.

包圍 - 他們出動軍隊包圍了該城.
They have surrounded the town with troops.

寶 - 我的時間很寶貴,我只能見你幾分鐘。
My time is precious; I can only give you a few minutes.

包袱 - 她很高興去掉了這個包袱。
She was glad to be relieved of this burden.

保安 - 劫匪假裝成保安人員進入銀行。
The robbers got into the bank by masquerading as security men.

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