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Sentences for Advanced Mandarin Chinese learners with vocabulary from SCTOP Advanced Wordlist.

寶貝 [bǎo bèi] darling/baby
保管 [bǎo guǎn] /take care of
飽和 [bǎo hé] /saturation/
保齡球[bǎo líng qiú] /bowling (balls)/
飽滿 [bǎo mǎn] /full/plump/
保姆 [bǎo mǔ] /nanny/housekeeper/
保全 [bǎo quán] /save from damage/preserve/maintain/
寶石 [bǎo shí] /precious stone/gem/
保險 [bǎo xiǎn] /insurance/to insure/safe/secure/
保佑 [bǎo yòu] /bless/protect/
保重 [bǎo zhòng] /take care of oneself/

寶貝 - 他是小寶貝。 
She is a little darling.

保管 - 我在比賽前把手表交妻子保管.
Before the game I gave my watch to my wife for safekeeping.

飽和 - 舊車買賣的市場已趨飽和。
The market is saturated with used cars.

保齡球 - 保齡球是內用運動。我喜歡去打保齡球。
Bowling is an indoor sport. I like to go bowling.

飽滿 - 她包的粽子又飽滿又漂亮!
The rice dumplings she wrapped are plump and beautiful!

保姆 - 老保姆為這個家庭忠實地服務了三十年.
The old housemaid served the family faithfully for 30 years.

保全 - 那家公司提供電子保全服務.
That company provides electronic protection services.

寶石 - 把這些寶石藏在保險箱裡.
Store these jewels in the safe.

保險 - 保險公司將賠償他的損失。
The insurance company will recompensate him for his loss.

保佑 - 願上帝保佑你!
May God bless and protect you!

保重 - 多保重。再見。
Take care. Bye.

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