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Sentences for Advanced Mandarin Chinese learners with vocabulary from SCTOP Advanced Wordlist.

報案 [bào àn] /report a case to the security authorities/
報表 [bào biǎo] /forms for reporting statistics/report forms/
報酬 [bào chóu] /reward/remuneration/
爆發 [bào fā] /to break out/to erupt/to explode/to burst out/
抱負 [bào fù] /aspiration/ambition/
報復 [bào fù] /make reprisals/retaliate/revenge/retaliation/
報關 [bào guān] /declare at customs/apply to customs/
報價 [bào jià] /quoted price/
報刊 [bào kān] /newspapers and periodicals/the press/
暴力 [bào lì] /violence/(use) force/violent/
報應 [bào yìng] /retribution/judgment/

報案 - 你應該向警察局报案.
    You should go to the police station and report it.

報表 - 為你的銀行報表中的錯誤,請接受我們的道歉。
    Please accept our apologies for the error on your bank statements.

報酬 - 我願替你做這件事, 隻消給我一點小小的報酬.
    I am willing to do this for you if you give me a small reward.

爆發 - 他們爆發出一陣笑聲。
    They bursted out in laughter.

    This athlete has an impressive burst of speed.

抱負 -  她的抱負是要當政治家.
    Her ambition is to become a politician.

    Everybody knows he is a young man with ambition.

報復 - 這次他欺騙了我, 但總有一天我會報復他的。
    This time he tricked me, but I will have my revenge one day.

報關 - 您有什麼特別的東西要報關嗎?
    Do you have anything special to declare?

報價 - 你若對我們的報價感興趣,請與我們聯繫。
    If you are interested in our offer, please contact us.

報刊 - 這部電影在報刊上受到熱烈的好評.
    This movie got great reviews in the papers.

暴力 - 影片中的暴力行為使我反感。
    The  violence in the movie disgusted me.

報應 - 他將要為這種不好的行為而受報應。
    You will pay for this kind of bad behaviour.

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