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Sentences for Advanced Mandarin Chinese learners with vocabulary from SCTOP Advanced Wordlist.

本 [běn] origin/source/foundation/basis/
本身 [běn shēn] /itself/in itself/per se/
本事 [běn shì] /ability/skill/
本位 [běn wèi] /standard/one`s own department or unit/
本性 [běn xìng] /natural instincts/nature/inherent quality/
本質 [běn zhì] /essence/nature/intrinsic quality/
崩潰 [bēng kuì] /collapse/crumble/fall apart/
甭 [béng] /need not/
鼻孔 [bí kǒng] /nostril/
鼻涕 [bí tì] /nasal mucus/
筆畫 [bǐ huà] /strokes of a Chinese character/

本 - 我本想親自去一趟。
             I originally wanted to go by myself.

本身 - 該圖表本身即很清楚.
          This diagram is self-explanatory

本事 - 本事不是天生的,是鍛煉出來的。
          Ability is not innate, but comes through practice.

本位 - 本位制度
          a standard system
          competency based education

本性 - 人的本性難移.
          You can't change human nature.

本質 - 這兩樣東西外表相同,但本質上卻不樣。
          These two things' outwards appearances are the same, but they have
          different intrinsic qualities.

崩潰 - 經濟崩潰
          economic crash
          Is it about to crash?

甭 - 丟不了,甭害怕.
       You won't lose it, don't be afraid.
       If you don't feel like going, you don't need to go.

鼻孔 - 他不喜歡自己的寬大的鼻孔。
       He doesn't like his own wide nostrils.
鼻涕 - 我頭痛得很厲害,而且我的鼻涕很多。
       I have a bad headache and a runny nose.

- “王”字的筆畫有四個
          The character "wang" has four strokes.

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