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Chinese Pinyin Meaning
āi get close to,be next to,follow in sequence or along designated route/direction
愛戴 idi love and respect
愛國 igu love one's country,patriotic
愛滋病 izībng AIDS
安頓 āndn find place for, help settle down
安撫 ānfŭ placate,pacify
安寧 ānnng peaceful,tranquil,calm,composed,free from worry
安詳 ānxing leisurely, unhurried
安置 ānzh find place for,help settle down,arrange for
安裝 ānzhuāng install,erect,fix,mount
暗暗 nn secretly, inwardly, to oneself
案件 njin a legal case,a police case
按摩 nm massage
案情 nqng details of a case
案子 nzi case (of law/etc.)
昂貴 nggu expensive,costly
奧妙 omio profound,subtle
懊惱 onăo vexed,upset,displeased,annoyed
八卦 bāgu Eight Trigrams (of {Book of Changes})
八字 bāz character for eight, birthdate characters used in fortune-telling
[general]individual measure word for people with special skills
把持 băch monopolize, dominate
把手 băshǒu handle, grip
白皮書 bipshū white paper/book
拜拜 bibi to do obeisance to, to worship,to prostrate oneself
拜會 bihu pay sb. a visit
班車 bānchē regular bus (service)
頒發 bānfā issue,promulgate,award
頒獎 bānjiăng present reward/honor
辦案 bnn handle case,handle a case
半成品 bnchngpǐn semi-finished products
半島 bndăo peninsula
半導體 bndăotǐ IC;semiconductor
bāng [general]colletive measure word for a small group in a derogatory sense.
băng bind,tie,bind sb.'s hands behind him,truss up
包袱 bāof cloth wrapper,burden,bundle wrapped in cloth
包圍 bāowi surround,encircle
băo treasure
保安 băoān ensure safety (for workers),ensure public security,public_security,protection,ensure safety
寶貝 băobi treasure,love dearly
保管 băoguăn take care of
飽和 băoh satiate,saturate
保齡球 băolngqi bowling (balls)
飽滿 băomăn full,wax
保姆 băomŭ nursemaid, baby sitter
保全 băoqun keep safe,preserve,maintain
寶石 băosh precious stone,gem
保險 băoxiăn safe; secure
保佑 băoyu bless and protect
保重 băozhng take care of oneself
報案 bon report case to security authorities
報表 bobiăo forms for reporting statistics/etc.
報酬 bochu reward,remuneration,pay
爆發 bofā erupt, burst/break out
抱負 bof aspiration,ambition
報復 bof retaliate
報關 boguān declare sth. at customs,apply to customs,declare at customs
報價 boji quotation
報刊 bokān press,periodical publications,newspapers and periodicals
暴力 bol violent
報應 boyng retribution, judgment
暴雨 boyŭ torrential rain, cloudburst
報章 bozhāng newspapers
bēi stone stele
悲哀 bēiāi grieved,sorrowful
悲觀 bēiguān pessimistic
貝殼 bik clamshell
倍數 bish multiple
背誦 bisng recite, repeat from memory
背心 bixīn sleeveless garment,vest
被子 bizi quilt
奔騰 bēntng gallop, surge forward, roll on in waves
běn originally,at first,of course
本身 běnshēn itself,oneself,per se
本事 běnsh skill,ability
本位 běnwi (the viewpoint of) one's own job; the position; the department or line of work
本性 běnxng natural instincts,nature,inherent quality
本質 běnzh essence,nature,intrinsic quality
崩潰 bēngku collapse,fall apart
bng need not
鼻孔 bkǒng nostril
鼻涕 bt nasal mucus
筆畫 bǐhu strokes of Ch. character
筆錄 bǐl notes, record,[Formal] to take down in writing
比率 bǐlǜ ratio,rate
比擬 bǐnǐ compare, match, draw analogy
比喻 bǐy metaphor,analogy
比重 bǐzhng proportion,specific gravity
b my, our (humble usage)
b certainly,surely
必備 bbi essential
必定 bdng certainly,surely
閉幕 bm the curtain falls,conclude,lower the curtain,curtain falls,close
避難 bnn take refuge,seek asylum
必然 brn certainly
畢生 bshēng all one's life, lifetime
閉塞 bs constipate,congest,clog,clog up,choke,stop up,foul,choke off,obturate,close up,back up,oppilate
避孕 byn contracept
幣值 bzh currency value
編輯 biānj editor,compiler
編輯 biānj edit,compile
邊界 biānji boundary,border
編寫 biānxiě compile, write, compose
邊緣 biānyun edge,fringe,brink,margin,borderline
編織 biānzhī to weave; to knit; to plait; to braid; to crochet
編制 biānzh authorized staff/force
編製 biānzh to weave or braid (into something),to draw up (a plan, etc.); to compile
biăn demote, relegate, reduce, devalue, censure, depreciate
匾額 biăn horizontal inscribed board
貶值 biănzh devalue,devaluate,depreciate
便 bin convenience
bin argue, dispute, debate
變革 bing change,revolution
辯護 binh speak in defense of,plead,defend
辯論 binln argue,debate
變遷 binqiān vicissitudinary,change
辨認 binrn identify,recognize
辨識 binsh identify
變通 bintōng be flexible
變形 binxng be out of shape,become deformed
標籤 biāoqiān label
標語 biāoyŭ slogan, poster
biăo indicate
表白 biăobi vindicate/explain oneself
表明 biăomng make known,indicate
biē suppress inner feelings with efforts feel oppressed
bi (1)fasten with a pin or clip;(2)leave
別墅 bish villa
bīng soldier,army,troops,military,pawn in Ch. chess
賓館 bīnguăn guesthouse
bǐng handle,stem (of flower/etc.)
病床 bngchung hospital bed,sickbed
併發 bngfā to begin at the same time; to erupt at the same time
病菌 bngjn pathogenic bacteria, germs
並列 bngli appose,juxtapose
病情 bngqng patient's condition
並重 bngzhng lay equal stress on,pay equal attention to
to poke; to stir, to twist or turn (a dial, etc.), to allot (funds, space, etc.)
peel, flay
[event]a wave of something: measure word of actions or events that occur after an interval of time like waves
波及 bōj affect,spread to
波浪 bōlng wave
剝削 bōxu exploit
搏鬥 bdu buffet
播出 bchū broadcast, disseminate
不便 bbin inconvenient,inappropriate
不動產 bdngchăn real estate
不力 bl not to do one's best; not to exert oneself
不料 blio unexpectedly
不下 bxi not less
不肖 bxio [Formal] unworthy; good-for-nothing
不懈 bxi persevere, be untiring
不致 bzh not as bad as
不至/致於 bzhy unlikely;not to the extent of
不再 bzi not happen/exist anymore
補給 bǔjǐ supply
補救 bŭji remedy
哺乳動物 bŭrŭdngw mammal
不得 bd must/may not,not be allowed
不等 bděng vary in number
步調 bdio pace,step,tempo
不凡 bfn extraordinary, unusual,distinguished, uncommon
不妨 bfng might as well
不法 bfă lawless,illegal
不服 bf refuse to obey
不公 bgōng unfair
不光 bguāng not only
不及 bj not as good as, inferior to
不禁 bjīn can't help (doing sth.)
不堪 bkān can't bear/stand
部落 blu tribe
不免 bmiăn unavoidably
不容 brng not tolerate/brook
不時 bsh frequently,at any time
部署 bshŭ dispose,deploy
不惜 bx not stint,not hesitate (to do sth.)
步驟 bzu step,measure,move
猜測 cāic guess,surmise
猜忌 cāij be suspicious and jealous
猜想 cāixiăng suppose,suspect,guess
裁縫 cifng tailor, dressmaker
裁減 cijiăn reduce, trim
財團 citun a consortium,a syndicate,big business,a money clique
裁員 ciyun reduce staff,comb_out,reduce the staff,discharge,cut down the member of persons employed
財政 cizhng finance
才智 cizh brilliance
採訪 căifăng cover,interview,gather news
採光 căiguāng lighting
彩繪 căihu colored drawing/pattern
採納 căin accept,adopt
採取 căiqŭ take,adopt
餐具 cānj tableware,dinner service/set
參謀 cānmu staff officer
參與 cāny participate in
殘暴 cnbo cruel
殘酷 cnk brutal,ruthless
殘殺 cnshā murder, massacre
慘重 cănzhng heavy,grievous, disastrous
燦爛 cnln magnificent,splendid,resplendent
蒼白 cāngbi pale,pallid,wan
蒼蠅 cāngyng fly
操縱 cāozng operate,control,rig,manipulate
草案 căon a draft,a draft plan,a protocol,an outline
草叢 căocng thick growth of grass
草率 căoshui hurry,slur,careless
草藥 căoyo medicinal herbs
c survey,fathom,measure,conjecture,infer
策畫/劃 chu plan,plot,engineer
c resign,take leave,dismiss,discharge,concede, step back
詞彙 chu vocabulary,words and phrases
慈善 cshn benevolent,philanthropic
辭行 cxng say good-bye before starting journey,say good-bye before setting out on a journey
辭職 czh resign
此刻 cǐk this moment, now, at present
c award,grant
c det.: next,second
伺候 chu wait upon, serve
刺殺 cshā stab to death
次要 cyo less important, secondary, subordinate, minor
匆忙 cōngmng in a hurry,hastily
從容 cōngrng calm,unhurried,leisurely
從而 cngr thus,thereby
湊巧 cuqiăo by luck,by chance
粗糙 cūcāo coarse,rough,crude
粗魯 cūlŭ ill-mannered
c urge, promote
促成 cchng facilitate,effect
促使 cshǐ impel,urge,spur
促銷 cxiāo merchandise,sell
簇擁 cyǒng cluster around
摧殘 cuīcn wreck, destroy, devastate
摧毀 cuīhuǐ destroy,smash,wreck
催眠 cuīmin lull (to sleep),hypnotize,mesmerize
脆弱 curu fragile,frail,weak
存貨 cnhu goods in stock, existing stock
磋商 cuōshāng consult, exchange views
撮合 cuh make a match
措施 cushī measure,step
差額 chā difference (in amount); balance; margin; odds
插曲 chāqŭ theatrical interlude, songs in films/plays
插嘴 chāzuǐ to break into a conversation or statement; to put in
茶具 chj tea set
察覺 chju realize,be aware
查明 chmng find out,look,prove through investigation,detect,ascertain,prove,inquire
chn cicada
chn greedy; gluttonous,very fond of (good) food
潺潺 chnchn bable,purl,murmur
產物 chănw outcome,result; product
產值 chănzh value of output
猖獗 chāngju rage,run wild,be rampant
chng intestines
長遠 chngyuăn long-term,long-range
場次 chăngc the number of showings of a film, play, etc.
場面 chăngmin scene,spectacle,occasion,appearance,scope
倡導 chngdăo propose
唱腔 chngqiāng (of Chinese opera) music for voices in a Chinese opera
暢銷 chngxiāo sell well
超速 chāos exceed speed limit
超脫 chāotuō 1.unconventional; original, be detached; to stand aloof; to keep aloof
抄襲 chāox plagiarize,indiscriminately copy from others
吵嘴 chăozuǐ quarrel
車輛 chēling vehicle,car
車廂 chēxiāng railway carriage/car
撤回 chhu recede,dispense with,countermand,retreat,foreswear,unsay,relinquish,unmake,pull back,recall,withdrawn,retraction,retire,withdraw,abjure,waive,pull away,repeal,swallow,recant,draw_back,unspeak,revoke,withdrawal,draw back,move back,retract,forgo,forswear
撤銷 chxiāo cancel,rescind,revoke
沉默 chnm reticent,taciturn,silent
沉思 chnsī ponder, meditate, be lost in thought
塵土 chntŭ dust
沉重 chnzhng heavy,serious
稱號 chēngho title, name, designation
稱呼 chēnghū call,address
撐腰 chēngyāo bolster
chng multiply
chng render,submit
成敗 chngbi success or failure
承包 chngbāo contract,farming
承擔 chngdān bear,undertake,assume
成見 chngjin preconceived idea,prejudice
成就 chngji achieve,accomplish
承諾 chngnu promise
成品 chngpǐn end/finished product
成全 chngqun help (sb. achieve his aim)
程式 chngsh program,form,pattern,formula
成效 chngxio effect,result
呈獻 chngxin respectfully present
誠心 chngxīn sincere desire, wholeheartedness
誠心誠意 chngxīnchngy sincere
成衣 chngyī tailoring, ready-made clothes
成員 chngyun member
誠摯 chngzh sincere
chng weigh
吃驚 chījīng be startled/shocked/amazed
吃苦 chīkŭ bear hardship,suffer hardships,bear hardships
吃力 chīl entail strenuous effort,be a strain
ch hold,grasp
遲鈍 chdn torpify,constipate,obtuse,opaque,rust
持久 chjiŭ lasting,protracted
持平 chpng be equalized
持續 chx continue,persist
池子 chzi pond, big bathhouse pool, dance floor, front rows in theater
chōng charge,rush,dash
充斥 chōngch congest,be full of
沖淡 chōngdn attemper,qualify,dilution,play down,step down,temper,season,cut,reduce,weaken,water_down,efface,dilute,thin,water down,de-escalate,thin out,understate
衝動 chōngdng get excited,be impetuous
衝擊 chōngj 1.[Military] to charge; to assault; to attack; to strike against lash; to pound
憧憬 chōngjǐng long for,look forward to
沖天 chōngtiān to soar,rocket
衝突 chōngt conflict,clash
充裕 chōngy abundant; ample; plentiful
重疊 chngdi overlap,superpose
崇尚 chngshng uphold, advocate
寵愛 chǒngi dote on
抽查 chōuch spot-check
抽空 chōukng take advantage of any free time
抽象 chōuxing abstract
抽樣 chōuyng sample
chu sorrow
chu enemy, foe, hatred, enmity, Surname
仇恨 chuhn hatred,enmity
稠密 chum close-woven;dense
出超 chūchāo export surplus,favourable balance of trade,favorable balance of trade
出錯 chūcu go wrong,goof,make a mistake,make a goof,blunder,make mistakes,make a blunder,err
出發點 chūfādiăn starting point
出局 chūj out of game
出力 chūl exert oneself
出路 chūl way out,outlet
出馬 chūmă take the lead,take the field,go into action,bear responsibility
出賣 chūmi betray
出面 chūmin appear personally,act in one's own capacity or on behalf of an organization
出名 chūmng famous,well-known
出品 chūpǐn product
初期 chūq initial stage, early days
出示 chūsh show, produce
出手 chūshǒu dispose/sell of,spend money
出頭 chūtu det.: a litter over
出頭 chūtu (1)free oneself (from misery, persecution, etc.);(2)lift one's head,appear in public,come forward
出土 chūtŭ be unearthed, come out of the ground
出息 chūx promise, prospect, future
出血 chūxiě bleed
儲備 chbi lay in, stock up, reserve
鋤頭 chtu hoe
chŭ get along (with sb.)
chŭ punish,sentence
處方 chŭfāng prescription
處分 chŭfn punishment
處分 chŭfn discipline/punish sb.
處境 chŭjng situation (usu. unfavorable)
處事 chŭsh deal with affairs
處於 chŭy be (in a certain condition)
處女 chnǚ virgin
穿梭 chuānsuō shuttle back and forth
chun it is said,they say
傳遞 chund transmit,deliver,transfer
傳奇 chunq legend
傳奇 chunq legendary,mythical
傳神 chunshn conveying the true spirit of the subject portrayed
傳授 chunshu pass on (skill/etc.),impart,teach
船隻 chunzhī boat,ship
chuăn gasp for breath,pant
chun [general]collective measure word for a series of abstract things
chung initiate (sth.)
創辦 chungbn establish,set up
創立 chungl found,originate
創傷 chuāngshāng wound, trauma
創新 chungxīn bring forth new ideas,blaze new trails
創業 chungy start undertaking,do pioneering work
創作 chungzu create,produce,write
吹牛 chuīni talk big
chu to hang down
垂直 chuzh perpendicular,vertical
搭配 dāpi group,pair
d reach
答覆 df answer,reply
打鬥 dădu tussle
打賭 dădŭ make a bet, bet
打發 dăfā to while away (one's time)
打擊 dăj strike,hit,attack, shock
打量 dăling measure with the eye,estimate,think
打獵 dăli hunt
打牌 dăpi play mah-jong,play mahjong,play cards
打手 dăshǒu hatchet man, goon
打烊 dăyng close store/business for night
大便 dbin the stool; feces
大道 ddo wide road
大隊 ddu a group of people
大選 dxuăn general election
大意 dy gist,general idea
大致 dzh rough
dāi silly,foolish,idiotic,maladroit,blank
dāi stay
歹徒 dăit an evildoer, an outlaw
di treat,entertain
逮捕 dibǔ make an arrest
代課 dik substitute-teach,take over a class for an absent teacher
怠慢 dimn slight, neglect a guest
dān carry on shoulder pole,take on,undertake
擔當 dāndāng take on, undertake, assume
單獨 dānd alone,solely,singly,individually,on one's own
擔負 dānf bear,shoulder,take on,be charged with
單價 dānji unit price
單據 dānj documentary evidence in trade (e.g., receipts/vouchers)
單親 dānqīn single parent
單行道 dānxngdo one-way street
dăn gallbladder, courage, bravery, audacity, internal parts
膽固醇 dăngchn cholesterol, cholesterin
dn only, just, merely
淡水 dnshuǐ fresh water
dāng that very (day, year), the same (day, etc.), that, then
當兵 dāngbīng serve in army
當代 dāngdi the present age
當局 dāngj (appropriate/concerned) authorities
當前 dāngqin before/facing one, the present, here and now
當心 dāngxīn beware
黨派 dăngpi factions,parties,cliques
黨員 dăngyun Party member
dāo [activity]measure word for cutting something with a knife
大使 dshǐ ambassador
倒楣 dăomi be out of luck,be unlucky
導師 dăoshī tutor,teacher,supervisor
導遊 dăoyu tourist guide
島嶼 dăoyŭ island,isle
導致 dăozh lead to,bring about,result in,cause
do say,speak,talk,think,suppose
道別 dobi say farewell
道地 dod genuine
到期 doq become due,run out,fall,expiration,due,expire,be due,mature
道士 dosh Daoist priest
倒數 doshǔ count backwards
到頭來 dotuli after all, in the long run, in the end
道義 doy morality and justice
得以 dyǐ so that...can(may)...
登場 dēngchăng be taken to threshing ground,come on stage
燈火 dēnghuǒ lights
燈籠 dēnglng lantern, lamp
登陸 dēngl land,disembark
等候 děnghu wait,await,expect
等價 děngji of equal value; equal in value
dng stare at,open (one's eyes) wide,glare
嘀咕 dgū whisper, have doubts about sth., have sth. on one's mind, mumble complainingly
arrive at
底片 dǐpin negative,photographic plate
抵押 dǐyā mortgage
抵制 dǐzh boycott
地表 dbiăo earth's surface
地步 db condition,situation,state,extent
締結 dji to conclude a treaty, etc.
地勢 dsh 1.terrain; geography (of); topography; the lay of the land
弟兄 dxiōng brother,soldiers,buddy,brothers,frater,frere,Brother
地域 dy region,district
地獄 dy hell,inferno
締造 dzo found,create
地質 dzh geology
地主 dzhŭ landlord,host
顛覆 diānf overturn,subvert
典型 diănxng typical case,model,type
典雅 diănyă refined,elegant (of diction)
點子 diănzi idea
奠定 dindng establish,settle
電工 dingōng electrical engineering, electrician
惦記 dinj remember with concern, worry about
電力 dinl electric power
電流 dinli electric current
電器 dinq electrical equipment/appliance
電視劇 dinshj TV play
電壓 dinyā voltage
凋零 diāolng wither, fall, and scatter about
調 dio transfer
調度 diod dispatch (buses/etc.), manage
吊橋 dioqio suspension bridge, drawbridge
釣魚 dioy angle,go fishing
di pile up;fold up
dng nail sew on
dǐng (1)carry on the head,cope with,stand up to,replace;(2)gore,butt,go against,push from below/behind,retort,turn down
dǐng very,most,extremely
dǐng [general]measure word for hat, wig, or tent
定額 dng quota
訂購 dnggu order goods
定義 dngy definition
丟棄 diūq abandon,discard,give up
動機 dngjī motif,need,reason,instance,ground,incentive,signal,intention,motive,motivation,inducement,cause
凍結 dngji freeze (lit./fig.)
動靜 dngjng movement,activity
動力 dngl motivity,(motive) power,wheel,(motive) power/force,agency,vector,dynamics,force,motive_power,momentum,power
動亂 dnglun turmoil,upheaval,disturbance
動脈 dngmi artery
動態 dngti situation,the movement (in a certain sphere of human activity),development,trend,trends;dynamic state,dynamic
動向 dngxing trend,tendency
洞穴 dngxu cave,cavern
動員 dngyun mobilize,arouse
dǒu tremble, shiver, shake, rouse, stir up, make good, succeed
dǒu steep,precipitous
逗留 duli stay,stop,linger,tarry
鬥志 duzh fighting spirit
督促 dūc supervise and urge
獨創 dchung produce an original creation
獨到 ddo special, distinguished
讀物 dw reading matter
獨占/佔 dzhn to have something all to oneself; to monopolize
to obstruct; to block
賭博 dŭb gamble
賭場 dŭchăng gambling house, casino
堵塞 dŭs block up
d cross (river/sea/etc.),tide over,ferry across
度過 dgu pass,spend (time/etc.)
度量衡 dlinghng weights and measures
端正 duānzhng rectify
短缺 duănquē be deficient,miss
短暫 duănzhn of short duration,brief
斷絕 dunju break off, sever
堆積 duījī heap/pile up
對比 dubǐ ratio,correlation
隊伍 duwŭ troops,ranks,contingent
兌現 duxin cash (check/etc.), honor (commitment/etc.), fulfill, make good
對照 duzho contrast,compare
對峙 duzh face-off
dn suddenly
dn pause,touch ground (with head),stamp (foot)
頓時 dnsh immediately,at once
多寡 duōguă number,amount
多虧 duōkuī thanks to, by grace of, luckily
多媒體 duōmitǐ multi-media
多元 duōyun multiple
奪魁 duku win first place,win championship,win the championship,carry off the first prize
躲避 duǒb hide (oneself),elude,dodge
墮胎 dutāi have an abortion,abortive,induced abortion,abort,have an induced abortion,have an abortion
額外 wi extra,added,additional
惡化 hu worsen
惡性 xng viciousness,malignancy
惡意 y malice, evil intentions
恩人 ēnrn benefactor, patron
恩怨 ēnyun feeling of gratitude or enmity
恩情 ēnqng grace, favor
恩愛 ēni love, devotion, affection
r and
兒女 rnǚ sons and daughters,children,young males and females
耳光 ěrguāng box on the ears, slap on the face
[general]measure word for bullet, shellsetc.
發電 fādin generate electricity
發瘋 fāfēng go crazy,be out of one's mind,flip,go mad,lunatic,mad,become insane
發掘 fāju excavate,unearth,explore
發誓 fāsh vow,pledge,vum,attest,promise,engage,take,plight,swan,swear
發炎 fāyn inflammation
發育 fāy grow,develop
發作 fāzu break out,show effect,have fit of anger,flare up
法定 fădng legal,statutory
法官 făguān judge,justice
法令 fălng laws,decrees
法人 fărn legal/juridical/corporate person
法則 făz standard method,binding agreement,formula
法治 făzh rule of law
法制 făzh legal system/institutions, legality
翻臉 fānliăn suddenly turn hostile,quarrel,fall out
翻身 fānshēn (1)turn over;(2)free oneself
翻新 fānxīn renovate, recondition
fn whatever
繁多 fnduō various
藩籬 fnl hedge, fence
繁忙 fnmng busy
凡是 fnsh whatever
făn return
反擊 fănj beat back,counterattack
反射 fănsh reflect
反省 fănxǐng introspect,self-questioning
反之 fănzhī on the contrary,otherwise,conversely
犯錯 fncu make mistake, to err
販毒 fnd traffic in narcotics
犯規 fnguī foul,break the rules,break rules
販賣 fnmi peddle,sell
方位 fāngwi position,direction,points of the compass,bearing
方向盤 fāngxingpn steering wheel
方針 fāngzhēn policy,guiding principle
方正 fāngzhng upright and foursquare
妨礙 fngi hamper,impede,obstruct
防備 fngbi guard or take precautions against
防範 fngfn be on guard,keep lookout
防水 fngshuǐ watertight,waterproof,rainproof,be waterproof
防衛 fngwi defend
防禦 fngy defense
防治 fngzh prevent and cure,prophylaxis and treatment
仿冒 făngmo imitate
仿造 făngzo copy, be modeled on
紡織 făngzhī spinning and weaving,textile
放蕩 fngdng dissolute,loose,dissipate
放寬 fngkuān relax restrictions,ease,let out (e.g.,dress)
放款 fngkuăn loan,make loans
放任 fngrn not interfere, let alone
放鬆 fngsōng relax,slacken,loosen
放映 fngyng show,project (film)
放逐 fngzh exile, banish, deport
飛彈 fēidn missile,stray bullet
非凡 fēifn outstanding,extraordinary,uncommon
飛快 fēikui at lightning speed
飛行 fēixng fly
飛翔 fēixing circle in the air,hover
肥料 filio fertilizer,manure
fi give up, abandon, abolish, abrogate
廢除 fich abolish,abrogate,repeal
費力 fil need great effort,be strenuous
廢棄 fiq discard,abandon
沸騰 fitng boil
廢墟 fixū ruins
肺炎 fiyn pneumonia
廢止 fizhǐ abolish, annul, put an end to
分貝 fēnbi [Physics] a decibel
分辨 fēnbin distinguish,differentiate
分寸 fēncn judgement for propriety (in speech, behavior, etc.); a measure
分擔 fēndān share responsibility for
分發 fēnfā distribute,hand out,issue
分割 fēngē cut apart,break up,partition
分化 fēnhu disintegrate
分級 fēnj hierarchical,class,grade,rate,hierarchically,classify
分家 fēnjiā divide up family property and live apart,break up the family and live apart
分解 fēnjiě resolve, decompose, break down
分離 fēnl dispart,detach;break up (couple/lover etc.)
分裂 fēnli split,break up,divide
分泌 fēnm secrete
分明 fēnmng evidently,plainly
分享 fēnxiăng share (joy/rights/etc.),partake of
分子 fēnzǐ molecule
fn grave, tomb
粉紅 fěnhng pink
粉刷 fěnshuā whitewash, plaster
fn excrement, dung, droppings
分量 fnling weight
fēng confer (title/territory/etc.) upon
風暴 fēngbo windstorm,tempest
封閉 fēngb resistant to anything new
風潮 fēngcho agitation,unrest
風化 fēnghu morals and manners,the decency demanded by a society
風光 fēngguāng scene,view,sight
風光 fēngguāng grand;beautiful, lovely
風力 fēngl wind force/power
鋒面 fēngmin frontal surface
封鎖 fēngsuǒ blockade,block,seal off
風尚 fēngshng prevailing fashion
豐盛 fēngshng rich,sumptuous
豐收 fēngshōu bumper harvest
風水 fēngshuǐ landscape geomancy
封條 fēngtio a strip of paper used for sealing,closure,paper strip seal,paper strip used for sealing
風行 fēngxng be in fashion,be popular
fng seam,crack,crevice,fissure
奉獻 fngxin offer as tribute,present with all respect
奉養 fngyăng support and wait upon (one's parents, etc.)
佛經 fjīng Buddhist scripture/sutra
佛像 fxing figure/image of Buddha
否決 fǒuju vote down, veto, overrule
膚淺 fūqiăn superficial
敷衍 fūyăn be perfunctory,skimp along (in a task),treat sb. lightly/flippantly
服從 fcng obey,submit (oneself) to,be subordinated to
浮動 fdng float,drift
幅度 fd range,scope,extent
俘虜 flŭ to capture; to take (or make) sb. Prisoner
俘虜 flŭ a captive; a prisoner
福氣 fq happy lot, good fortune
輻射 fsh radiation
服飾 fsh dress and personal adornment
服刑 fxng to serve a sentence; to serve one's term of imprisonment
腐爛 fŭln putrescence,putridity,corruption,decay,decomposition,blet,putrefaction
腐蝕 fŭsh corrode, corrupt
斧頭 fŭtu axe, hatchet
腐朽 fŭxiŭ molder,moulder,rust
撫養 fŭyăng foster, raise, bring up
撫育 fŭy foster, nurture, tend
f (1)carry on back/shoulder,bear,shoulder/bear (responsibility),owe (money);(2)betray,abandon,go against
付_1 f [proximation] measure word for two things seen together or associated/ measure word for facial expresssion
f [general] measure word for traditional Chinese medicine
f be rich in,be full of
富貴 fgu wealth and honor/rank
付款 fkuăn pay a sum of money
婦人 frn married woman
附上 fshng enclose herewith
復甦 fsū resuscitate,recover
富有 fyǒu be rich/wealthy
富有 fyǒu be rich in,be full of
賦予 fyŭ endow,entrust
復原 fyun recover from an illness,restore,rehabilitate
該死 gāisǐ deserve death, Damn it!
改編 găibiān adapt,rearrange,revise
改觀 găiguān transfigure,have new outlook,change the face of,change appearance
改良 găiling improve,ameliorate
改選 găixuăn hold another election
gi calcium
gi generally, without exception
概括 giguā summarize, generalize
概況 gikung general situation,survey
蓋章 gizhāng seal
干擾 gānrăo disturb,interfere
干涉 gānsh interfere,intervene,meddle
乾燥 gānzo dry,arid
感觸 gănch thoughts and feelings
感恩 gănēn feel grateful,be thankful
趕忙 gănmng quickly, hastily
感受 gănshu perception,sentiment,mood
綱領 gānglǐng program,guiding principle
剛強 gāngqing firmly
鋼鐵 gāngtiě iron and steel
崗位 găngwi post,station
高見 gāojin your idea/opinion
高壓 gāoyā high pressure,high voltage/tension,coercion,tyranny
告別 gobi leave,part from,bid farewell to
告狀 gozhung complain to sb.'s superior about sb.,sue sb.,sue,go to law against sb.,complain,bring a lawsuit against
胳膊 gēbo arm
歌唱 gēchng sing
疙瘩 gēda swelling, pimple, lump, knot
歌頌 gēsng to extol, praise, eulogize
鴿子 gēzi pigeon,dove
g at a distance from,after an interval of
隔閡 gh 1.estrangement; misunderstanding 2.a barrier; a gap
格局 gj pattern,setup,structure
格式 gsh a style,a format,the form of characters or letters
格外 gwi especially,all the more
革新 gxīn innovate
各界 gji all walks of life
個體 gtǐ individual
各自 gz each,respective,oneself
給予 gěiyŭ give to
跟進 gēnjn follow in wake of
跟前 gēnqin the front of;presence
根源 gēnyun source,origin,root
耕地 gēngd cultivated land
更動 gēngdng change,alter
gōng bow, bend, arch
gōng assault,attack,censure,accuse
公安 gōngān public security
工地 gōngd building/construction site
宮殿 gōngdin palace
攻讀 gōngd diligently study, major/specialize in
工讀 gōngd work part-time while studying in college/etc.
公費 gōngfi public/state expense,bursary,public expense,state expense,scholarship
公會 gōnghu professional club
攻擊 gōngj attack,assault
供給 gōnjǐ supply,provide,furnish
恭敬 gōngjng respectful
功勞 gōnglo contribution,credit,merit
功利 gōngl utilitarian
公民 gōngmn citizen
公認 gōngrn generally acknowledge/recognize/accept
公事 gōngsh public affairs, official business/duties
恭維 gōngwi flatter, compliment
公文 gōngwn official document
公務 gōngw public affairs, official business
公務員 gōngwyun functionary,government employee
公益 gōngy public good/welfare
工藝品 gōngypǐn handicraft article, handiwork
公債 gōngzhi government bond
鞏固 gǒngg consolidate,strengthen,solidify
共產 gngchăn communist
共和國 gnghgu republic
共鳴 gngmng resonance,sympathetic response
供養 gngyăng provide for, support, make offerings
gōu ditch, channel, trench, groove, rut, furrow, gully, ravine
勾結 gōuji collude/collaborate with
gu buy
構想 guxiăng proposition
孤獨 gūd lonely,solitary
孤兒 gūr orphan
辜負 gūf disappoint, let down, fail to live up to
估價 gūji appraisal,rating,assessment,appraised price,extent,valuation,appraisement,quotation,evaluation
孤立 gūl isolated
[general][proximation]partial measure word for: 1.long and narrow things.2.water or stream.3.air current or a breath.4. some abstract nouns.
鼓吹 gŭchuī puffery,fanfaron,breathing,advocacy,infusion,implantation,impregnation
鼓動 gŭdng agitate, arouse, instigate, incite
古怪 gŭgui quaint; eccentric
古跡 gŭjī historic site
古籍 gŭj ancient books
股市 gŭsh stock market
古物 gŭw ancient objects,antiquities
g hence, so, therefore, as a result
g hire, employ
顧全 gqun show consideration for
固然 grn though,although
固體 gtǐ solid
僱用 gyng charter,engage,hire,rent,retain,lease,employ
固有 gyǒu intrinsic,inherent,innate
固執 gzh obstinate,stubborn,persist in,cling to
蝸牛 guāni snail
寡婦 guăf widow
guăi turn, change direction, limp, swindle, abduct
怪不得 guibd so that's why
guān government official,officeholder
官司 guānsī lawsuit
棺材 guānci coffin
觀測 guānc observe,survey
觀感 guāngăn impressions
關懷 guānhui show loving care/concern for
觀看 guānkn watch,view
觀摩 guānm view and emulate
關切 guānqi be deeply concerned
關稅 guān shu customs duty,tariff
關頭 guāntu a critical juncture; a critical moment
觀望 guānwng wait and see,look on (from sidelines)
關係 guānx concern,affect,to matter
關照 guānzho look after
管教 guănjio subject sb. to discipline,restrain and instruct
管線 guănxin general term for pipes/cables/etc.
管子 guănzi tube, pipe
gun behold, observe
gun to spoil, be overindulgent to
gun irrigate, fill, pour, record (phonographic piece), offer libation
貫徹 gunch carry out,implement
灌溉 gungi irrigate
灌輸 gunshū instill into,imbue with,teach,impart
光顧 guāngg patronize
光滑 guānghu sleek
光輝 guānghuī brilliant,magnificent
光芒 guāngmng rays of light,radiance
guī go back to,return
guī put in sb.'s charge,belong
規範 guīfn constraint,norm
規格 guīg specifications,standard
歸還 guīhun return, revert
規矩 guījŭ well-behaved,gentleman-like,honest
歸納 guīn sum up,conclude,induce
規則 guīz regular,fixed
軌道 guǐdo track,orbit,trajectory,course,path
鬼怪 guǐgui evil_spirit,jinni,spirit,sprite,spectre,supernatural being,monsters of all kind,forces of evil,genie,spiritual being,phantom,ghost and monsters,bugaboo,presence
貴賓 gubīn honored/distinguished guest
棍子 gnzi rod, stick
國產 guchăn make domestically
國防 gufng national defense
國境 gujng national territory
國君 gujūn monarch
國營 guyng state operated/run
果斷 guǒdun determined,resolute
果實 guǒsh fruit,gains,fruits
果樹 guǒsh fruit tree
果真 guǒzhēn really,as expected
過關 guguān pass barrier,go through ordeal,pass test,reach standard
過量 guling overkill,overrun,overdo
過敏 gumǐn have allergy
過目 gum look over (list/etc.) so as to check/approve
過人 gurn excel,surpass,surpass others
過失 gushī fault, slip, error, unpremeditated crime
過癮 guyǐn satisfy craving,enjoy oneself to the fullest
過重 guzhng overbalance
海拔 hăib elevation,height above sea level
海面 hăimin sea level
海運 hăiyn sea transportation,ocean shipping
害蟲 hichng pest
hăn call (sb.)
行號 hngho (registered) company
航空信 hngkōngxn air mail
行列 hngli ranks,procession
航行 hngxng sail,fly
毫不 hob not at all
好比 hăobǐ can be compared to,may be likened to,be just like
好手 hăoshǒu good hand,expert,professional
好受 hăoshu pleasurable, comfortable, feeling good
ho name,be called
好學 hoxu be fond of learning,be eager to learn
號子 hozi (registered) stock company
h which,what
合併 hbng merge,amalgamate
核定 hdng check and ratify,appraise and decide
核對 hdu check figures/proof
和解 hjiě become reconciled
和睦 hm harmony; concord; amicability
核算 hsun examine and calculate,assess,check
合同 htng contract
和諧 hxi harmonious,concordant
合意 hy be to one's liking,pleasing,be to one's taste,suit
合約 hyuē treaty,contract
何在 hzi where?,what place?
核准 hzhŭn check and approve,ratify
核子 hzǐ nucleon
黑名單 hēimngdān blacklist
黑社會 hēishhu criminal underworld
hěn malicious
狠心 hěnxīn cruel
hēng inj.: humph!
hēng hum
hng move crosswise,transverse
衡量 hngling weigh,measure,judge
轟動 hōngdng make a sensation,stir
轟轟烈烈 hōnghōnglili astounding
紅利 hngl [Commerce] an extra dividend; a bonus; a profit
紅燒 hngshāo braise in soy sauce
洪水 hngshuǐ flood,floodwater
宏偉 hngwěi magnificent,grand
hǒng fool,coax
候選人 huxuănrn candidate (for election)
呼籲 hūy appeal to
h [container]container measure word for the amount of liquid
蝴蝶 hdi butterfly
胡亂 hlun carelessly, casually
狐疑 hy be suspicious
h protect, guard, be partial to, shield, cover
互補 hbŭ help each other, complement
互惠 hhu reciprocity
戶口 hkǒu number of households and total population, registered permanent residence
花瓣 huābn (flower) petal
花朵 huāduǒ flower
花卉 huāhu flowering plant,painting of flowers/plants
花紋 huāwn decorative pattern,figure,wood grain
花樣 huāyng pattern,variety
划不來 hubli not worthwhile,not to one's advantage
華人 hurn Ch. people
華裔 huy foreign citizen of Ch. origin
化工 hugōng chemical industry
話劇 huj modern drama, stage play
畫面 humin general appearance of a picture,tableau,frame,TV screen
化石 hush fossil
劃時代 hushdi epoch-making,epochal
畫展 huzhăn art/paintings exhibition
hui think of,cherish,conceive (a child)
懷念 huinin cherish memory of,think of
懷疑 huiy suspect,doubt
歡送 huānsng see/send off
hun contract (an illness)
換取 hunqŭ exchange sth. for,get in return
幻象 hunxing mirage, phantom, phantasm
患者 hunzhě sufferer,patient
荒唐 huāngtng 1.absurd; fantastic; preposterous 2.dissipated; loose; intemperate
慌張 huāngzhāng hurry,hustle,nervous,flustered,fidget,fluster,flurried
惶恐 hungkǒng terrified
恍惚 huănghū illusory, elusive
huī ash,dust
灰塵 huīchn dust, dirt
輝煌 huīhung brilliant,glorious
回合 huh round,bout,encounter
回絕 huju decline, refuse
回升 hushēng rise again (after a fall),pick up
迴/回響 huxiăng echo
huǐ destroy,ruin,damage,burn up,defame,slander,refashion,make over
悔恨 huǐhn regret deeply
毀損 huǐsŭn damage, impair
hu converge, gather together, remit
繪畫 huhu painting
會見 hujin meet/see visitors
賄賂 hul bribe
匯票 hupio draft, bill of exchange, money order
會談 hutn talk
彗星 huxīng comet
會意 huy understand, comprehend, know
hūn faint,swoon,dizzy,syncope
渾身 hnshēn from head to foot,all over
hn fool/play around together
混淆 hnyo blur,confuse,mix up
混濁 hnzhu turbid,muddy
活(兒) hu(r) product,dinkum,work
活期 huq current
伙伴 huǒbn partner,companion
火箭 huǒjin rocket
火力 huǒl firepower
火焰 huǒyn flame
火藥 huǒyo gunpowder
hu obtain,win,reap,capture,catch
貨幣 hub money,currency
豁達 hud open-minded
貨品 hupǐn types of goods/product
amass,store up,accumulate
基層 jīcng grass-roots unit,basic/primary level
基地 jīd base
機動 jīdng power-driven,motorized,flexible,in reserve for emergency use,mobile
基督 jīdū Christ
飢餓 starve
肌膚 jīfū skin
機警 jījǐng alert
機率 jīlǜ probability
機密 jīm top secret;classified information
機器人 jīqrn robot
畸形 jīxng (1) deformity; (2) abnormal
基因 jīyīn gene
機制 jīzh mechanism,way,measure
激增 jīzēng increase sharply,soar
j be, mean
j at present,in the immediate future,then,promptly,at once
j strike,hit,beat,knock;attack,assault
j [general]partial measuer word for a set of things, sucha s one volume in a set of books, one episode in TV seriesetc.
嫉妒 jd be jealous of,envy,hate
極端 jduān extremeness
極端 jduān extreme,exceeding
籍貫 jgun native/birth place
集合 jh a set,a class
集結 jji mass,concentrate,build up
急救 jji first aid,emergency treatment
極力 jl doing one's utmost,sparing no effort
吉利 jl lucky, auspicious,good fortune
擊落 jlu shoot down
汲取 jqŭ draw, derive
集權 jqun centralization
即日 jr this or that very day
即時 jsh immediately,forthwith
集體 jtǐ collective
集團 jtun group,clique,circle,bloc
極為 jwi extremely,exceedingly
吉祥 jxing auspicious
及早 jzăo at an early date,as soon as possible
急躁 jzo anxious,tingle
急診 jzhěn emergency treatment
j and
j count,compute,calculate
繼承 jchng inherit,carry on
季風 jfēng monsoon
劑量 jling dosage, dose
紀律 jlǜ discipline,morale,laws and regulations
技能 jnng technical ability,mastery of a skill/technique
祭祀 js offer sacrifices to gods/ancestors
技藝 jy skill,artistry,craft,mechanical arts
家電 jiādin household electrical appliances
傢伙 jiāhuo guy,fellow,son-of-a-bitch
家家戶戶 jiājiāhh each and every family,every household
佳節 jiāji joyful festival
加緊 jiājǐn speed up, intensify
加快 jiākui speed up,accelerate
佳人 jiārn beautiful woman
枷鎖 jiāsuǒ yoke,chains,fetters,shackles
加上 jiāshng in addition (to)
家屬 jiāshŭ family members/dependents
加薪 jiāxīn raise pay,increase sb.'s wages,raise sb.'s wages
加以 jiāyǐ in addition (to)
加重 jiāzhng make/become heavier,make/become more serious,aggravate
夾雜 jiz be mixed up or mingled with
jiă borrow,avail of
假若 jiăru if, supposing, in case
假使 jiăshǐ if,in case,in the event that
假象 jiăxing semblance, appearance, pseudomorph
ji put up,erect
架構 jigu construction,framework
假期 jiq vacation,holiday
架子 jizi frame, stand, rack, shelf, framework, skeleton, outline, stance
jiān fry in shallow oil, simmer in water, decoct, be consumed with vexation
監督 jiāndū supervise,superintend,control
尖端 jiānduān most advanced,sophisticated
堅固 jiāng firm,solid,sturdy
艱鉅 jiānj herculean (task), difficult to surmount
艱苦 jiānkŭ arduous
艱難 jiānnn difficult,hard
堅忍 jiānrěn steadfast and persevering (in face of difficulties),long-suffering
監視 jiānsh keep watch on,keep lookout over
堅信 jiānxn believe firmly
堅硬 jiānyng hard and solid,firm,rigid,stiff,stony
兼職 jiānzh hold two or more posts concurrently
簡便 jiănbin be efficient and convenient
簡稱 jiănchēng be called sth. for short
簡化 jiănhu simplify
檢討 jiăntăo discuss thoroughly,self-criticize
簡體字 jiăntǐz simplified characters
jin gradually,by degrees
jin cheap, inexpensive, worthless;lowly, humble;despicable
jin splash, spatter
建國 jingu found or build up a state
見解 jinjiě view,opinion,understanding
健身 jinshēn keep fit,exercise
健身房 jinshēnfng gymnasium, gym
見識 jinsh widen one's knowledge/experience
建造 jinzo build,construct,make
見證 jinzhng see with one's own eyes
健壯 jinzhung be healthy and strong,beefy,robust,sturdy
jiāng introducing object of main verb
將軍 jiāngjūn high-rank officer,general
講理 jiănglǐ argue,reason,be reasonable,reasonable,listen to reason,argument
獎勵 jiăngl encourage and reward,award
獎賞 jiăngshăng reward,premium,reinforcement,meed,prix,purse,guerdon
講習 jiăngx lecture and study
講義 jiăngy mimeographed/printed teaching materials, class handouts, commentaries on classics
講座 jiăngzu course of lectures,professorship,chair
獎狀 jiăngzhung certificate of merit
交錯 jiāocu interlock,crisscross
交貨 jiāohu deliver goods
交集 jiāoj product,union,sum,join,intersection
焦急 jiāoj anxious,nettle,peeve,worried,vex,fuss,fretful
交情 jiāoqng friendship,friendly relations
交涉 jiāosh negotiate,make representations
交談 jiāotn converse,chat
腳本 jiăoběn script, scenario
攪和 jiǎohuo mingle,mixture,blend,stir,mix,spoil,mess up
轎車 jiochē car
教官 jioguān schoolmaster,instructor,military instructor
叫好 jiohăo applaud,shout "Bravo!"
教化 jiohu enlighten people by education
教誨 jiohuǐ teaching, instruction, admonition
較量 jioling argue,have a trial of strength,have trial of strength,dispute,have trial of skill,have a contest,stack_up,haggle,contest,have a test of strength,measure one's strength with
教徒 jiot believer/follower of a religion
教員 jioyun teacher, instructor
jiē all,everyone
階層 jiēcng social stratum
街坊 jiēfāng neighbors, neighborhood
接管 jiēguăn take over management
階級 jiēj social class
接連 jiēlin in a row,in succession
揭幕 jiēm inauguration,undrape,prologize,unveil,kick off,inaugurate
接納 jiēn accept
接洽 jiēqi take up a matter with,arrange (business/etc.) with
揭曉 jiēxiăo announce,publish
ji to cut in two;intercept, stop, block
ji [proximation]partial measure word for a cutted part of long, narrow thing
潔白 jibi pure
節儉 jijiăn scrimp,economize,thrifty,husband,frugal,stint,retrench,pinch
竭力 jil try one's best
節慶 jiqng festival
結實 jish strong,solid,durable
結業 jiy graduate
結緣 jiyun form ties
解答 jiěd answer
解放 jiěfng liberate,emancipate
解渴 jiěkě to quench thirst; to allay one's thirst; to assuage one's thirst; to relieve
解剖 jiěpǒu dissect
解說 jiěshuō explain orally,appease
解體 jiětǐ disintegrate
解脫 jiětuō free (extricate) oneself,release from worldly cares
解約 jiěyuē free,terminate an agreement,discharge
ji fall due
ji guard against,exhort,admonish,warn,give up,drop,stop
戒備 jibi guard, take precautions
借貸 jidi borrow/lend money, debit and credit sides
藉口 jikǒu excuse,pretext
介入 jir intervene,interpose,get involved
屆時 jish at appointed time,on the occasion
金錢 jīnqin money,wealth
津貼 jīntiē subsidy,allowance
金魚 jīny goldfish
緊湊 jǐncu compact; tight; terse; well-knit
緊密 jǐnm close together,inseparable,rapid and intense
緊縮 jǐnsuō reduce,retrench
謹慎 jǐnshn cautious,circumspect
jn almost
進場 jnchăng march into arena
近代 jndi modern times
進度 jnd rate of advance,planned speed,schedule
勁(兒) jn(er) physical strength, force
進而 jnr proceeding to the next step
進攻 jngōng attack,assault
進化 jnhu evolve
晉級 jnj rise in rank,be promoted
進軍 jnjūn march,advance (as of troops)
盡力 jnl try one's best
禁令 jnlng prohibition, ban
進修 jnxiū engage in advanced studies,take refresher course
進展 jnzhăn make progress/headway
jīng perfect,excellent,refined,meticulous,precise,sharp,clever,shrewd
經典 jīngdiăn classics,scriptures
精光 jīngguāng stark naked
精華 jīnghu cream,quintessence
驚惶 jīnghung become alarmed/panic-stricken
經濟 jīngj economical,thrifty,of economic value
京劇 jīngj Beijing opera
精明 jīngmng astute,shrewd
驚奇 jīngq wonder,be surprised/amazed
精髓 jīngsuǐ marrow, pith, quintessence
經書 jīngshū Confucian classics
驚喜 jīngxǐ be pleasantly surprised
驚險 jīngxiăn breathtaking
鯨魚 jīngy whale
精緻 jīngzh fine,exquisite,delicate
jǐng well
警報 jǐngbo alarm, warning, alert
景觀 jǐngguān landscape
警覺 jǐngju awake
景氣 jǐngq prosperity,boom
警惕 jǐngt be extra cautious, alert
警衛 jǐngwi (security) guard
景物 jǐngw scenery
景象 jǐngxing scene,sight,picture,prospects
jng unexpectedly
jng completely, only, merely, nothing but
jng to offer or serve something politely
境地 jngd condition, circumstances
敬佩 jngpi esteem,admire
竟然 jngrn unexpectedly,to one's surprise
競賽 jngsi compete,contest
競選 jngxuăn campaign (for office),run for
jiū hold tight, seize, pull, tug, drag
糾紛 jiūfēn complication,dustup,entanglement,tangle
酒店 jiŭdin wineshop,public house
酒館 jiŭguăn tavern
酒精 jiŭjīng ethyl alcohol
ji (1)take advantage of, turn to profit;(2)approach, draw near, come close to
ji exactly,precisely,only,merely,just
舅父 jif mother's brother, uncle
救濟 jij relieve,succor
就緒 jix be in order, be ready
救援 jiyun rescue,come to sb.'s help
occupy (position/place)
局部 jb part
局面 jmin aspect,phase,situation
舉例 jŭl give an example
沮喪 jŭsng depressed,disheartened
舉止 jŭzhǐ bearing,manner,mien
舉重 jŭzhng weight lifting,lift weights
j resist,repel,refuse,reject
j be apart/away from
j according to,on the grounds of
聚餐 jcān mess,split,have dinner party,have a dinner party,dine together
俱全 jqun complete in all varieties
巨人 jrn giant,colossus
據悉 jxī it is reported that...
捐獻 juānxin contribute (to organization)
捐贈 juānzng contribute (as gift),donate,present
絕大多數 judduōsh most of,majority
絕跡 jujī die out,disappearance,die out,go away,die off,vanish,be stamped out,disappear
決賽 jusi finals
決議 juy resolution
抉擇 juz choice
jūn without exception,all
軍備 jūnbi armament, arms
軍閥 jūnf warlord
軍官 jūnguān officer
均衡 jūnhng balance
軍艦 jūnjin warship, naval vessel
均勻 jūnyn even,well-distributed
卡通 kătōng cartoon
開辦 kāibn open,set up,start (business/etc.)
開導 kāidăo to explain and convince
開動 kāidng to start; to set in motion; to operate; to work
開飯 kāifn serve meal,serve a meal
開放 kāifng open
開口 kāikǒu start to talk,speak
開闊 kāiku widen
開路 kāil open circuit,blaze a trail,blaze trail,cleave,open a way,pioneer,open way,lead way
開幕 kāim open,inaugurate (meeting/etc.),raise curtain
開盤 kāipn give the opening quotation
開闢 kāip open/set up,start,build (road)
開啟 kāiqǐ open
開頭(兒) kāitu(er) opening move,beginning,start,front,initiative,first step,opening
開銷 kāixiāo expense
開業 kāiy institute,open a private practice,practicing,establish,start business
開展 kāizhăn develop,launch,unfold
開張 kāizhāng open up,open,open a business,auspicate,the first transaction of a day's business,begin doing business,first transaction of day
刊登 kāndēng publish in periodical
看守 kānshǒu watch, guard
刊物 kānw publication,periodical
康復 kāngf restore to health, recover
慷慨 kāngkăi be generous/liberal/unselfish
kng carry on shoulder
抗爭 kngzhēng make stand against,resist
考場 kăochăng examination hall/room
考古 kăogŭ engage in archaeological studies
考生 kăoshēng examinee
考驗 kăoyn test
刻畫/劃 kēhu depict, portray
科幻 kēhun scientific and fictional
苛責 kēz excoriate
k shell,crust
可觀 kěguān considerable,sizable
可見 kějin it is thus evident that
可望 kěwng has been expected
可行 kěxng feasible
刻薄 kb mean, ungenerous, carping, harsh
客機 kjī aircraft
刻苦 kkŭ hard-working, self-sacrificing
課業 ky lessons,schoolwork
刻意 ky conscious,purposely,painstakingly,sedulously
克制 kzh restrain, exercise restraint
吭聲 kēngshēng utter a word,utter a sound
空曠 kōngkung open,wide,spacious
空難 kōngnn airplane disaster
空談 kōngtn prattle
空運 kōngyn air transport
kǒng hole,aperture
恐嚇 kǒngh threaten,intimidate
恐懼 kǒngj fear,dread
口_3 kǒu 1.[general]individual measure word for things with an opening.2.[proximation]individual measure word for swords, knives...etc.
口頭 kǒutu in words
口吻 kǒuwěn muzzle,snout,tone of voice,note (revealing attitude)
扣除 kuch deduct
快活 kuihu happy,cheerful
狂風 kungfēng gale force wind
狂妄 kungwng wild,presumptuous,arrogant
昆蟲 kūnchng insect
kn to surround, get stock in
困境 knjng difficult position,predicament,straits
困擾 knrăo perplex,puzzle
苦工 kŭgōng hard manual work
苦難 kŭnn suffering,misery,distress
苦惱 kŭnăo vexed,worried
苦衷 kŭzhōng buttoned-up pain, difficulty that is hard to say
庫存 kcn stock,reserve
kuā to praise;to boast, brag
誇耀 kuāyo parade,boastful,brag,boast,swank,pique,overcrow,glory
跨越 kuyu stride across,leap over
寬廣 kuānguăng broad,extensive,vast
寬闊 kuānku broad,spacious
kuăn [kind][general]measure word for styles or types
款待 kuăndi treat cordially, entertain
款式 kuănsh pattern, style, design
礦產 kungchăn mineral products, minerals
kuī in mocking sense
kŭn bundle up
擴建 kujin extend (factory/mine/etc.)
擴散 kusn diffuse,proliferate
擴張 kuzhāng expand,enlarge,extend,dilate
拉票 lāpio ballot,canvass,solicit votes
臘月 lyu 12th lunar month/moon
li time (since)
來賓 libīn guest,visitor
來得 lide emerge (from a comparison) as,come out as
來客 lik guest, visitor
ln bar, block, hold back
懶惰 lăndu lazy
懶散 lănsn laze,laze about,laze around,indolent
濫用 lnyng abuse,misuse
朗讀 lăngd read aloud, read loudly and clearly
朗誦 lăngsng read aloud with expression, declaim
lo prison house,cage
勞改 logăi to reform through labor
勞累 loli tire sb.
老年 lăonin old age
老人家 lăornjiā old person,parents
老鼠 lăoshŭ mouse,rat
老天爺 lăotiāny God, Heavens
老頭(兒/子) lăotu(r/zi) old fogy/codger, my old man
老鄉 lăoxiāng fellow villager, friendly address for male villager, country bumpkin
老子 lăozi father
勒索 lsuǒ extort,blackmail
li thunder, mine
雷達 lid radar
雷同 litng duplicate,similar,duplication
累積 lěijī accumulate
類似 lis be similar to
類型 lixng type
冷凍 lěngdng freeze
冷汗 lěnghn cold sweat
冷門 lěngmn not in popular
冷清 lěngqīng solitary
particle: expressing exclamation
黎明 lmng dawn, daybreak
罹難 lnn die in disaster,die in accident,die in a disaster,die in an accident,be murdered
理財 lǐci manage money matters
里程 lǐchng mileage
禮服 lǐf ceremonial robe/dress,formal attire
禮節 lǐji etiquette,protocol,ceremony
理論 lǐln argue
禮貌 lǐmo have good manners,polite
理性 lǐxng rational
理學 lǐxu natural science
理智 lǐzh rational,sagacious,wise
l example,instance,precedent,case,rule,regulation
l for example
例外 lwi excepted
利弊 lb pros and cons
立國 lgu found a state,build up a nation
立即 lj immediate,prompt
歷屆 lji all previous sessions, etc.
歷來 lli in times gone by; since the earliest days
利率 llǜ interest rate
歷年 lnin over the years, calendar year
力求 lqi do one's best to,strive for
立體 ltǐ three-dimensional,stereoscopic
力行 lxng practice/perform energetically, act with force
力學 lxu mechanics
lin to unite
lin antithetical couplet
連帶 lindi connected
廉價 linji low-priced,cheap
廉潔 linji incorruptible,upright
連結 linji join,link
聯盟 linmng alliance,coalition,league,union
連任 linrn renew one's term of office
聯繫 linx integrate,relate,link,get in touch with
連線 linxin connect
聯想 linxiăng associate,connect in one's mind
臉龐 liănpng face
臉譜 liănpŭ theatrical makeup
良機 lingjī good/golden opportunity
兩極 liăngj the two poles (of the earth or a magnet/battery)
兩口子 liăngkǒuzi couple
遼闊 lioku vast,extensive
li arrange,line up,list,enter in a list
列車 lichē train
列國 ligu various countries
獵人 lirn hunter
列入 lir be listed/placed
烈士 lish martyr, person of high endeavor
ln facing
ln on the point of,just before,be about to
臨床 lnchung clinical
鄰里 lnlǐ neighborhood,neighbors
lng bell, sth. bell-shaped, bud
lng accurate,right (of prediction/etc.)
靈感 lnggăn inspiration
靈驗 lngyn efficient,effective
領隊 lǐngdu leader of a group/team/etc.
領會 lǐnghu understand, comprehend, grasp
領悟 lǐngw comprehend, grasp
lng order, command
lng separate, separately, some other
溜冰 liūbīng ice-skate,skating,ice skate,roller-skate,roller-skating,rink,roller skate,skate
流程 lichng manufacturing/technological process/workflow,course (of river/etc.)
流傳 lichun spread,circulate,hand down
流落 lilu wander about destitute
流氓 limng hoodlum,hooligan,gangster
流失 lishī run off,be washed away
流水 lishuǐ flowing/running water
流通 litōng circulate
流星 lixīng shooting star,meteor
流域 liy valley,river basin,drainage area
柳樹 liŭsh willow tree
籠子 lngzi large box/chest,trunk
籠罩 lngzho envelop,shroud
壟斷 lǒngdun monopolize
樓房 lufng building of two or more stories
lu (1)leak out,divulge,leak;(2)be missing,leave out
donkey, ass
旅費 lǚfi travelling expenses
履歷 lǚl curriculum vitae, antecedents
旅途 lǚt journey,trip,route
履行 lǚxng perform,fulfill,carry out
l slightly,cursorily,somewhat
爐子 lzi stove, oven, furnace
陸地 ld dry land
路過 lgu pass by/through (a place)
露天 ltiān in the open air,outdoors
錄影 lyǐng video-tape
luăn ovum,egg,spawn,fish roe
輪廓 lnku outline,contour,rough sketch
倫理 lnlǐ ethics,moral principles
淪陷 lnxin fall into enemy hands
ln by,in terms of
論點 lndiăn argument,thesis
囉嗦 lōusuō yak,bothersome
lu gong
邏輯 luj logic
落得 lude get, end/result in
落魄 lutu sink,abject
駱駝 lutuo camel
落選 luxuăn wash out,lose an election,fail to be elected
麻醉 mzu anesthesize,poison,drug
馬鈴薯 mălngshŭ potato
埋伏 mif hide,lie low
買賣 măimi buying and selling,business deal/transaction,(small) merchant enterprise
買主 măizhŭ buyer, customer
mi move forward
邁進 mijn stride forward
麥子 mizi wheat
賣座 mizu draw large attendance,draw
mn deceive, hide truth from
mn quite,very
蠻橫 mnhng arrogant
滿懷 mănhui be imbued with,all pregnant with young (of a flock of sheep/etc.)
漫長 mnchng very long,endless
蔓延 mnyn spread out,extend
盲從 mngcng follow blindly
芒果 mngguǒ mango
茫然 mngrn ignorant,in the dark
盲人 mngrn blind person
毛毯 motăn woollen blanket
茂密 mom dense,thick (of vegetation)
冒險 moxiăn take risks/chances
mi [general]individual measure word for 1. some small, round or lump-shaped things.2.rockets, missilesetc.
眉毛 mimo eyebrow,brow
媒體 mitǐ media
眉頭 mitu brows
美滿 měimăn happy,harmonious (of a family)
每每 měiměi often,invariably
美容院 měirngyun beauty parlor/shop
mēn muffled (of sound),stuffy
悶熱 mēnr swelter
mn [general]Individual measure word for 1.clans, marriages, relatives...etc.2.cannons
門戶 mnh door,strategic gateway,faction,sect,family status
mng be indebted (to sb. for a kindness),be granted a favor
měng suddenly,abruptly,fiercely
猛烈 měngli fierce,rabid
夢見 mngjin dream about sb./sth.
夢想 mngxiăng dream of,vainly hope
m riddle,conundrum,enigma,mystery
彌補 mbŭ make up,remedy,make good
迷宮 mgōng labyrinth,maze
迷惑 mhu puzzle,confuse,baffle
迷戀 mlin be enamored with,be infatuated with
謎語 myŭ riddle, conundrum
m honey
密集 mj concentrated,crowded together
綿延 minyn be continuous,stretch long and unbroken
勉強 miǎnqiǎng force sb. to do sth.
免稅 miănshu duty-free
免疫 miăny immune
面孔 minkǒng face
面談 mintn discuss face to face
描繪 miohu depict,describe,portray
mi extinguish,exterminate,put/go out
民俗 mns folk custom,folkways
民謠 mnyo folk songs/rhymes
民營 mnyng privately run (of enterprises)
民眾 mnzhng the masses
敏感 mǐngăn be sensitive,susceptible
敏捷 mǐnji nimble,agile
mng cry (of birds/animals)
明白 mngbi clearly
名額 mng quota of people
名號 mngho name
明理 mnglǐ reasonable
名氣 mngq reputation,fame,name
明日 mngr tomorrow, the near future
名聲 mngshēng reputation, repute, renown
名勝 mngshng place famous for its scenery or historical relics,scenic spot
名堂 mngtng name, designation, result, achievement, activity, reason, variety (of events in a show/etc.)
名下 mngxi under sb's name
冥想 mngxiăng contemplate,meditate,muse,deep thought,meditation
明智 mngzh judicious
命名 mngmng name (sb./sth.)
命中 mngzhng hit target/mark
模範 mfn exemplary person/thing; model,mold for casting bronze
模具 mj mold,die
模式 msh model,pattern
魔術 msh magic,conjuring,sleight of hand
m last
m at the end
m ink,handwriting
沒落 mlu decline,wane
默默 mm quietly,silently
末期 mq last/final phase/stage
默契 mq tacit/secret agreement
漠視 msh treat as unimportant,ignore
沒收 mshōu confiscate, expropriate
謀生 mushēng seek livelihood
某些 mǒuxiē some
m.[standard]measure word for field
m grave,tomb,mausoleum
m curtain,screen,tent
木材 mci wood; timbering; timber; lumber
牧場 mchăng grazing land,pasture
目睹 mdŭ to witness,see with one's own eyes
目光 mguāng sight,vision,view,gaze,look
目擊 mj to witness,see with one's own eyes
募集 mj to raise; to collect
木刻 mkē woodcut, wood engraving
木料 mlio timber, lumber
木偶 mǒu wooden figure; a blocehead, puppet
沐浴 my have/take a bath,bathe,immerse
n introducing instrument or target
納悶 nmn wonder
納入 nr to subsume,to bring into,to fit into,to intake
納稅 nshu pay taxes
năi therefore
ni bear,endure
耐力 nil endurance, stamina
難度 nnd (degree of) difficulty
男方 nnfāng husband's side,bridegroom's side,the bridegroom's or husband's side
難關 nnguān difficulty, crisis
難免 nnmiăn incidental
難題 nnt difficult problem,sticker,poser
難以 nnyǐ be difficult to
難民 nnmn refugee
囊括 nngguā include, embrace
腦海 năohăi brain,mind
腦力 năol brains, mental capability
內閣 nig cabinet
內涵 nihn intention,connotation
內銷 nixiāo sell in domestic market
內戰 nizhn civil war
內政 nizhng domestic affairs
能量 nngling energy,capabilities
draw up,draft
擬定 nǐdng formulate,conjecture
n be bored with,greasy,be tired of
nin sticky
念頭 nintou thought,idea,intention
ning ma,mum,mother
娘家 ningjiā married woman's parents' home
凝固 nngg solidify
凝結 nngji coagulate, congeal, condense
凝聚 nngj condense (of vapor),coalesce,concentrate
凝視 nngsh gaze fixedly,stare
扭轉 niŭzhuăn turn round/back,reverse,remedy (a situation)
農場 nngchăng farm
農具 nngj farm implements
農田 nngtin farmland,cropland
農作物 nngzuw crops
弄錯 nngcu misunderstand
弄壞 nnghui maim,go,put out of order,mar,fail,poison,bitch,mess,stultify,bedevil,give way,die,wear,bust,conk out,go bad,ruin,fall apart,give out,murder,spoil,kayo,break down,break,vitiate,wear out
女方 nǚfāng grooms, bride's side
女性 nǚxng female sex,woman
虐待 ndi maltreat,tyrannize,abuse
奴隸 nl slave
怒氣 nq wrath, anger, rage, fury
nuăn to warm
nu move, shift
懦弱 nuru fainthearted
諾言 nuyn promise, consent
偶而/爾 ǒur(ěr) occasionally
偶然 ǒurn fortuitous,chance
lie prone,bend over face down
拍馬屁 pāimăp flattery
拍攝 pāish take (picture),shoot (film)
拍子 pāizi [Music] a beat; time; the type of rhythm; a tempo
拍照 pāizho take (picture),shoot (film)
排除 pich get rid of,remove,eliminate
排擠 pijǐ push aside,push/elbow out
排名 pimng put names in order
派出所 pichūsuǒ police substation
派遣 piqiăn send,dispatch
派頭 pitu style, manner
pn to judge, hand down decision at court
pn to hope, to long for
旁人 pngrn other people
旁聽 pngtīng audit a class
pāo throw,toss,fling,leave behind,cast aside
拋棄 pāoq abandon,forsake,cast aside
跑道 păodo runway,track
po [proximation]measure word for tea
泡沫 pom foam,froth
培訓 pixn cultivate, train
培育 piy cultivate,foster,breed
噴漆 pēnqī spray lacquer,spray paint
盆地 pnd basin
蓬勃 pngb vigorous,flourishing
捧場 pěngchăng act as a claque member sing the praises of; to flatter
pi distribute according to plan
pi deserve,be worthy of,be qualified
佩服 pif admire
配給 pijǐ ration
配音 piyīn dub,lip-sync
批發 pīfā wholesale
批准 pīzhŭn ratify,approve,sanction
疲憊 pbi tired-out,exhausted
匹_2 [general]measure word used to count cloth
譬如 pr for example,such as
偏差 piānchā deviation,error
便宜 piny advantage
便宜 piny let sb. off lightly
片_1 pin m.[proximation]measure word 1.for sound, voicesetc.2.for scenery.3 to indicate a kindly feeling
片刻 pink short while, moment
pio [general][activity]collective measure word for a crowd or a group of people
貧苦 pnkŭ poor, impoverished
貧民 pnmn poor people,pauper
品味 pǐnwi savor,taste
品種 pǐnzhǒng breed,variety,assortment
pīn put/piece together,spell
乒乓球 pīnpāngqi ping-pong, ping-pong ball
平凡 pngfn ordinary,common
評估 pnggū estimate,evaluate
評價 pngji evaluation
評論 pngln comment on,discuss
平面 pngmin plane
平穩 pngwěn smooth,steady,even
平行 pngxng of equal rank,parallel,simultaneous
splash, spill, sprinkle
婆家 pjiā husband's family
破案 pn solve,solve a case,crack a criminal case,solve criminal case
破產 pchăn go bankrupt,come to naught
破除 pch do away with
迫害 phi persecute
破獲 phu unearth, uncover
破例 pl make an exception,make exception,break rule,break a rule
魄力 pl boldness, audacity, daring resolution
破碎 psu smash sth. to pieces
樸素 ps simple, unadorned
曝光 pguāng expose
暴露 pl reveal,lay bare
淒涼 qīling desolate,dreary
欺侮 qīwŭ bully, humiliate
奇觀 qguān spectacular sight, wonder
期貨 qhu goods to be delivered at specific time,futures
奇蹟 qjī miracle,wonder,marvel
奇妙 qmio wonderful,marvelous
期末 qm end of semester/quarter
期望 qwng to hope; to expect; to anticipate
奇異 qy strange,queer,bizarre,odd
旗幟 qzh banner,flag,rallying point,stand
起步 qǐb start (a task)
啟發 qǐfā enlighten,stimulate
起伏 qǐf rise and fall,undulate
乞丐 qǐgi beggar
起碼 qǐmă at least
啟事 qǐsh notice, announcement
啟示 qǐsh apocalypse,illumination,revelation
起源 qǐyun origin
氣概 qgi mettle, spirit
氣管 qguăn windpipe, trachea
契機 qjī juncture,turning/critical point
氣派 qpi dignified
棄權 qqun waive/forfeit one's right,abstain from voting
氣勢 qsh vigour,verve,manner,air
氣體 qtǐ air,gas
氣壓 qyā atmospheric pressure
恰當 qidng appropriate,proper,suitable,fitting
恰好 qihăo exactly,just right
恰恰 qiqi coincidentally, exactly
洽商 qishāng make arrangements with, talk over with
洽談 qitn hold trade talk,negotiate
qiān lead
牽連 qiānlin involve (in trouble), implicate
簽署 qiānshŭ sign/initial (a document)
謙遜 qiānxn condescending
前輩 qinbi senior (in age/experience/etc.),elder,older generation
潛藏 qincng go into hiding
前程 qinchng future, prospect
虔誠 qinchng pious,devout
前後 qinhu front and rear,around or about,altogether
前景 qinjǐng foreground,prospect,vista,perspective
前科 qinkē previous criminal record
潛力 qinl latent capacity,potential(ity)
前提 qint premise,prerequisite,presupposition
前院 qinyun front courtyard
淺薄 qiănb superficial,meager,shallow
淺顯 qiănxiăn easy to read and understand,plain
腔調 qiāngdio tune, accent
牆角 qingjiăo corner (formed by two walls)
強勁 qingjn powerful,forceful
強求 qingqi extort, exact, impose
強權 qingqun power, might
強壯 qingzhung strong,sturdy
瞧不起 qiobqǐ look down upon, despise
橋樑 qioling bridge (lit./fig.)
巧合 qiăoh with coincidence
qio pretty,handsome,smart
qio raise,become warped
峭壁 qiob cliff, precipice
蹺課 qiok to avoid attending classes
切磋 qiēcuō learn from group discussion
qiě both A and B
qiě just; for the time being
切實 qish feasible,practical,realistic
竊賊 qizi thief, burglar
qīn be close to,approve of
親愛 qīni dear,beloved
侵犯 qīnfn violate,infringe on (sb.'s rights)
侵害 qīnhi encroach on (other's rights),violate
侵略 qīnl invade
欽佩 qīnpi admire, esteem, respect
親熱 qīnr warm and affectionate;closely attached to one another
親身 qīnshēn in person,personally,first-hand
親生 qīnshēng first kin, one's own
侵蝕 qīnsh corrode,erode
侵襲 qīnx make sneak attack on
qn general name for stringed instruments,zither-like instrument
勤奮 qnfn diligent,assiduous
寢室 qǐnsh bedroom,dormitory
輕薄 qīngb insult, harass (verbally)
青翠 qīngcu lush
清澈 qīngch limpid,clear
青春 qīngchūn one's youth,young adulthood
清淡 qīngdn mild (of flavor),placid (of life)
清潔 qīngji clean,sanitary
清靜 qīngjng quiet
清廉 qīnglin honest
輕蔑 qīngmi indignity,flout,disdain,disparagement,scorn,contempt,dispraise,disrespect
清掃 qīngsăo sweeping
輕視 qīngsh despise,slight
青蛙 qīngwā frog
傾向 qīngxing tendency,trend,inclination
輕易 qīngy lightly,rashly
清幽 qīngyōu quite and exquisite
情報 qngbo intelligence,information
情操 qngcāo sentiment (intellectual/aesthetic/etc.)
情婦 qngf mistress, the other woman
情節 qngji story,details,plot,circumstances
情景 qngjǐng scene,sight,circumstances
情侶 qnglǚ sweethearts,lovers
情趣 qngq temperament,interest,appeal
情緒 qngx emotions,feelings,mood
慶幸 qngxng rejoice at a good outcome
丘陵 qiūlng hills, mounds, craggy terrain
求學 qixu study,attend school
求助 qizh seek help
屈服 qūf surrender
趨勢 qūsh trend,tendency
渠道 qdo irrigation ditch, medium/channel of communication
取材 qŭci select material (for book/etc.)
取締 qŭd ban (publication old custom etc.),punish violator
取樣 qŭyng sampling
取悅 qŭyu try to please
趣味 qwi fun,interest,taste,delight
quān circle,encircle
圈子 quānzi circle
qun [activity]measure word for the times someone boxes with their fists
全力 qunl all one's strength,wholehearted dedication
權力 qunl power,authority
全盤 qunpn all
權威 qunwēi authority
權益 quny rights and interests
泉源 qunyun fountainhead, source
勸導 qundăo admonish,advise,induce
勸告 qungo recommendation,advice,exhortation
缺陷 quēxin flaw,shortcoming
確保 qubăo ensure,guarantee
確切 quqi definite,exact,precise,accurate,clear and unambiguous
確實 qush really,certainly,truly,indeed
群島 qndăo archipelago
群居 qnjū live in groups or as a group
染料 rănlio dyestuff
rāng shout,make noise
ro spare (from harsh treatment), give sth. extra
熱潮 rcho upsurge
熱帶 rdi the tropics
熱量 rling heat
熱水瓶 rshuǐpng hot water bottle, thermos flask
仁愛 rni love for one's fellow man,humanity
人次 rnc man-times (analogous to "man-hours")
人道 rndo humanity,human sympathy
人禍 rnhu calamity caused by humans
人情 rnqng human feelings
人群 rnqn crowd
人士 rnsh personage
人手 rnshǒu manpower
人選 rnxuăn candidates,choice among persons
人造 rnzo synthetic,artificial
忍痛 rěntng very reluctantly,do sth. with reluctance
rn [general]measure word for the time period of someone who is assigned to some position
認錯 rncu admit mistake,apologize
認定 rndng firmly believe,set one's mind on sth.
任期 rnq term of office
任意 rny willfully,arbitrarily
日程 rchng schedule, itinerary
日光燈 rguāngdēng fluorescent lamp
日益 ry increasingly
rng allow,tolerate
rng dissolve
融合 rngh mix together,fuse,stick together
溶化 rnghu dissolve (of sugar/etc.)
容量 rngling capacity (of container)
容器 rngq container
融洽 rngxi with mutual understanding
容納 rngn have capacity for,accommodate
容許 rngxŭ permit,tolerate
榮譽 rngy honor
ru rub, knead
柔軟 ruruăn soft,lithe
肉麻 rum disgusting
肉體 rutǐ flesh and blood,the body
如此 rcǐ so,such
儒家 rjiā Confucian school
入境 rjng to enter a country
入口 rkǒu import check
入世 rsh experience the real world
軟弱 ruănru flabby,faint,jellify,feeble
軟體 ruăntǐ software
ru if,as if
若干 rugān a certain number
let go,release,let oneself go
撒謊 sāhuăng tell lie,blague,lie,tell a lie,cram,falsify
塞車 sāichē traffic jam
si compete, to race (cars, horses...)
散文 sănwn prose
散布/佈 snb disseminate, scatter, diffuse
喪事 sāngsh funeral arrangement
嗓子 săngzi throat, larynx, voice
喪生 sngshēng get killed,lose one's life
騷動 sāodng become restless,disturb,upset
嫂子 săozi elder brother's wife
色情 sqng pornographic,sexy
色澤 sz color and luster
傷亡 shāngwng injure and die
思潮 sīcho trend of thought,ideological trend,thoughts
絲毫 sīho in the slightest amount/degree
司令 sīlng commander, commanding officer
思念 sīnin think of,long for,miss
思維 sīwi thought,thinking
斯文 sīwn cultured
私心 sīxīn selfish motive/idea, selfishness
似的/地 sde/di it looks like
松樹 sōngsh pine tree, pine
慫恿 sǒngyǒng instigate, incite
搜集 sōuj collect,gather
俗稱 schēng be commonly called...,be commonly known as...
俗語 syŭ common saying, folk adage
塑膠 sjiāo synthetic resin,plastic
訴苦 skŭ to air one's grievances; to complain
素食 ssh vegetarian diet
素質 szh quality,diathesis
算命 sunmng tell fortune
算術 sunsh arithmetic
雖說 suīshuō though,although
su as soon as
su right after
隨後 suhu later on, soon after
隨即 suj immediately
隨身 sushēn (take/have) with one(self)
隨同 sutng together; together with
隨著 suzhe along with,in the wake of,in pace with
隧道 sudo tunnel
歲月 suyu years,time
sŭn decrease, lose, harm, damage, be sarcastic/caustic, be mean/shabby
損害 sŭnhi harm,damage,injure
損壞 sŭnhui damage,injure
損傷 sŭnshāng harm,detriment,blemish,trauma,debit,loss,derogation,strain,hurt,lesion,scathe,damage,impairment,prejudice,wounding,wound
縮小 suōxiăo reduce,narrow,shrink
所得 suǒd income,earnings,gains
索賠 suǒpi claim damages
瑣碎 suǒsu trifling,trivial
所以然 suǒyǐrn whys and wherefores
所在 suǒzi place,location
殺價 shāji to haggle and beat down the price; to reduce prices; to cut price down; to knock sth. off; to drive a bargain
沙拉 shālā salad
沙啞 shāyă hoarse
傻瓜 shăguā fool
煞車 shāchē to tighten, to put on the brake
剎車 shāchē put on the brakes,brake car,turn off a machine,stop a vehicle by applying the brakes,stop a machine by cutting off the power
山峰 shānfēng mountain peak
山谷 shāngŭ mountain valley, dale, ravine, gorge, glen
山脈 shānmi mountain range
閃電 shăndin lightning
閃爍 shănshu twinkle,flicker,glisten
閃耀 shănyo glitter, shine, radiate
擅長 shnchng be good at
扇子 shnzi fan
傷口 shāngkǒu wound,cut
商榷 shāngqu deliberate
商討 shāngtăo discuss,deliberate over
shăng reward,award
shng still,yet,fairly,rather
上吊 shngdio hang oneself
上好 shnghăo first-class
上進 shngjn go forward, make progress
上空 shngkōng in the sky,overhead
上路 shngl set out on journey
上門 shngmn visit
上司 shngsī superior,boss
上述 shngsh above-mentioned
上下 shngxi or so, thereabouts
上旬 shngxn first 10-day period of a month
上演 shngyăn put on stage,perform
上癮 shngyǐn habituate,be addicted
燒香 shāoxiāng burn joss sticks,fumigate
奢侈 shēchǐ luxurious,extravagant
奢望 shēwng have wild wishes,have extravagant hopes
sh set up,found
涉及 shj involve,touch upon
射擊 shj shoot,fire
社交 shjiāo social contact/interaction
社論 shln editorial
攝取 shqŭ absorb,assimilate
設施 shshī installation,facilities
攝氏 shsh Celsius (thermometer)
射手 shshǒu shooter, marksman
社團 shtun mass organization
涉嫌 shxin be suspected of being involved
設想 shxiăng imagine,assume,have consideration for
設置 shzh set/put up,install
深奧 shēno profound
深沉 shēnchn deep, profound
深度 shēnd depth,profundity
身段 shēndun posture
深厚 shēnhu deep,profound,solid,deep-seated
身教 shēnjio teach others by one's own example
深切 shēnqi heartfelt,deep,profound
深入 shēnr go deep into,penetrate into
深造 shēnzo pursue advanced studies
身子 shēnzi body,health
伸張 shēnzhāng spread
shn magical,mystical,miraculous
神情 shnqng expression,look
審核 shěnh examine and verify
審判 shěnpn try legal case
審慎 shěnshn cautious; circumspect
審議 shěny deliberate
shn very,extremely
滲入 shnr permeate, seep into
聲稱 shēngchēng profess,claim
生火 shēnghuǒ beet,fire up,make a fire,light a fire
生理 shēnglǐ physiology
聲明 shēngmng statement,pronouncement
生平 shēngpng all one's life (of deceased)
生氣 shēngq vitality,vigor,life
升遷 shēngqiān be transferred and promoted
生前 shēngqin during lifetime (of deceased)
生人 shēngrn stranger
生死 shēngsǐ life and/or death
聲勢 shēngsh impetus,momentum
生態 shēngti ecology
生物 shēngw living thing,organism
生效 shēngxio operate,become effective,effective,inure,go into effect,take effect
生硬 shēngyng harsh,rigid
生殖 shēngzh reproduce
升值 shēngzh [Economics] revaluation; an appreciation
省事 shěngsh tactful,save trouble,simplify matters
shng fill,ladle,hold,contain
勝地 shngd famous scenic spot
盛情 shngqng hospitality
聖賢 shngxin sages
盛行 shngxng be current,be in vogue
盛裝 shngzhuāng topdress,attire,prink
shī lose,miss,let slip
師範 shīfn teacher-training,pedagogical
施肥 shīfi muck,feed,apply fertilizer,fertilize,soil,spread manure,manure,nourish,dung,compost
失靈 shīlng not work or not work properly,conk,malfunction,be out of order
失落 shīlu lose,drop
失明 shīmng become blind,lose one's sight,go blind
失事 shīsh mismanage,wreck,have an accident
失手 shīshǒu accidentally drop,blunder,misplay,fumble
屍體 shītǐ corpse,remains
施行 shīxng put in force,execute,implement,apply,perform
失蹤 shīzōng be missing
sh pick up, collect
sh (1)real;(2)solid,full,substantial
sh truely,really,actually
時差 shchā time difference, jet lag, equation of time
實地 shd on the ground/spot
石膏 shgāo gypsum
時光 shguāng time
實踐 shjin practice
時節 shji season, time
實況 shkung actual situation/happening
實例 shl concrete example
時髦 shmo fashionable,in vogue
實習 shx practice,do fieldwork
時效 shxio period of effectiveness,prescription,aging
十足 shz 1 0 0 percent;out-and-out;downright
實證 shzhng concrete evidence
實質 shzh substance,essence
shǐ excrement, dung, dropping, secretion (of eye/ear/etc.)
使喚 shǐhun order about, be bossy, use, handle
使節 shǐji diplomatic envoy
使勁 shǐjn exert all one's strength,muscle,muscle into
史料 shǐlio historical data/materials
使命 shǐmng mission
勢必 shb certainly will,be bound to
事變 shbin incident,emergency,exigency
士兵 shbīng rank-and-file soldiers
世代 shdi generation,period,epoch
示範 shfn demonstrate,exemplify,exhibit
釋放 shfng release,set free
事故 shg accident,mishap
嗜好 shho hobby,addiction,habit
世間 shjiān earth,world
事件 shjin incident,event
試卷 shjun examination paper
視覺 shju visual sense,vision
市面 shmin business/market conditions
仕女 shnǚ palace maid, painting of beautiful women
市容 shrng appearance/condition of a city
世事 shsh the current affairs, affairs of the world
逝世 shsh pass away,die
事態 shti state of affairs
試圖 sht attempt,try
事務 shw work,routine,general affairs
事宜 shy matters concerned,arrangement
適宜 shy suitable,appropriate
適中 shzhōng not extreme, moderate
收藏 shōucng collect,store up
收費 shōufi collect fees,charge
收集 shōuj collect,gather
收買 shōumăi purchase, buy in, buy over, bribe
收縮 shōusuō contract,shrink,concentrate one's force
收聽 shōutīng reception,rating
收益 shōuy profit,gain
shǒu guard,defend,keep watch
手冊 shǒuc handbook,manual
首府 shǒufŭ capital
守護 shǒuh guard, defend
首領 shǒulǐng chieftain, leader
手槍 shǒuqiāng pistol
手勢 shǒush gesture,sign
首飾 shǒush (woman's) jewelry,finery
首席 shǒux seat of honor
首長 shǒuzhǎng senior officer
受害 shuhi suffer injury/loss,be victimized
售貨員 shuhuyun shop assistant,salesclerk
授課 shuk give lessons
狩獵 shuli hunt
壽星 shuxīng elderly person whose birthday is being celebrated
受訓 shuxn receive/undergo training
shū comb hair
書本 shūběn book
舒暢 shūchng entirely free from worry,relaxed,unbend,happy
疏導 shūdăo dredge, open up a path for
書面 shūmin written,in written form,in writing
疏散 shūsn scatter, disperse, relax by taking stroll
書寫 shūxiě write
輸血 shūxiě [Medicine] blood transfusion
舒展 shūzhăn unfold, extend, smooth out, stretch
束縛 shf tie up,fetter
數據 shj data
樹苗 shmio sapling
衰退 shuāitu fail,decline
shui lead,command
shuāng frost, frostlike powder
雙胞胎 shuāngbāotāi twins
雙重 shuāngchng double,dual,twofold
雙打 shuāngdă doubles
爽快 shuăngkui straightforwardly
水道 shuǐdo water course/way/route
水稻 shuǐdo paddy (rice), rice
水晶 shuǐjīng crystal,rock crystal
水庫 shuǐk reservoir
水力 shuǐl waterpower, hydraulic power
水泥 shuǐn cement
水源 shuǐyun headwaters,waterhead,source of water
水蒸氣 shuǐzhēngq steam
睡眠 shumin sleep
瞬間 shnjiān breath,moment,jiff,breathing space,breathing place,twinkling,trice,breathing spell,breathing time,split second,instancy,breathing,wink,blink,shake,instant,mo,breather,blink of an eye,flash,twinkle,New York minute,minute,bit,in_a_moment,second,article,tran
順應 shnyng comply with,conform to
說謊 shuōhuăng tell a lie
說笑 shuōxio chat and laugh
碩士 shush Master (of Arts),M.A.,eminent scholar
他人 tārn another person; others
踏實 tsh dependable,at ease,solid
ti [event]measure word for performances, operas...etc.on the stage
台階 tijiē flight of steps, way out (of awkward situation), bench
太極拳 tijqun a kind of shadowboxing
太空 tikōng firmament,outer space
太平 tipng peaceful;peace and tranquility
態勢 tish state,situation,posture
tān be corrupt,practice graft,covet,hanker after
攤位 tānwi stand,booth,stall
貪心 tānxīn avaricious,greedy
攤子 tānzi vendor's stand, stall, structure of an organization, setup
tn phlegm, sputum
談論 tnln discuss
彈性 tnxng elasticity
坦克 tănk tank
坦然 tănrn calm,unperturbed,frank,open
探病 tnbng visit a patient
探究 tnji investigate
探索 tnsuǒ explore, probe
探討 tntăo inquire into,explore
探望 tnwng look about,visit
探險 tnxiăn explore,adventure
湯圓 tāngyun glutinous rice dumplings
堂堂 tngtng dignified,imposing,having high aspirations and boldness of vision
倘若 tăngru if,supposing,in case
陶器 toq pottery,earthenware
逃生 toshēng flee for one's life
逃稅 toshu dodge tax,evade tax,evade paying one's tax,evade one's tax
淘汰 toti eliminate through selection/competition,die out
to [general]measure word for one's capability or measure
套裝 tozhuāng suit, pantdress
特此 tcǐ hereby
特區 tqū special zone
特權 tqun privilege,prerogative
特約 tyuē engage by special arrangement
特徵 tzhēng characteristic, trait,characteristic marks,features
疼愛 tngi love dearly
剔除 tīch reject, get rid of
t cry, weep aloud, crow, caw
提拔 tb promote
提倡 tchng advocate,encourage,recommend
提出 tchū put forward,pose,raise
提及 tj mention,refer to
提名 tmng nominate
提升 tshēng promote
提議 ty propose,suggest
體操 tǐcāo gymnastics,calisthenics
體格 tǐg physique, build
體積 tǐjī volume,bulk
體諒 tǐling make allowances for
體面 tǐmin given honor, be honored
體系 tǐx system,setup
體驗 tǐyn learn through practice/experience
體質 tǐzh physique,constitution
替代 tdi substitute for,replace,supersede
tiān add,increase
天敵 tiānd natural enemy
天然氣 tiānrnq natural gas
天性 tiānxng natural instincts,nature
天災 tiānzāi natural disaster
田地 tind farmland, cropland, plight
田徑 tinjng sport
甜美 tinměi loved,cherished,pleasant
挑剔 tiāotī nitpick
調和 tioh mediate,reconcile,mix,blend,temper
調和 tioh be in harmony
調節 tioji regulate,adjust
條例 tiol regulations,rules,ordinances
調皮 tiop naughty
貼心 tiēxīn intimate
聽寫 tīngxiě dictation,dictate
停頓 tngdn cease,be at a standstill,stop
停留 tngli stay for a time or at a place
停滯 tngzh stagnate,cease moving or making progress
tōng [activity]Measure word for 1.indicate certain actions lasting for a period of time.2.talking, shouting...etc.
通報 tōngbo circulate notice
通車 tōngchē be open to traffic,have transport service
通稱 tōngchēng be generally called/known as
通貨膨脹 tōnghupngzhng inflation
通緝 tōngq promulgate an order for the arrest of
通行 tōngxng pass/go through
通用 tōngyng in common use,current,general,interchangeable
同伴 tngbn companion
同化 tnghu assimilate,take in,metabolize,absorb,ingest,imbibe,assimilation
同心 tngxīn united at heart or in common purpose
同鄉 tngxiāng fellow villager/townsman
同性戀 tngxnglin homosexuality,homosexual
同業 tngy same trade/business,person of same trade/business
統統 tǒngtǒng all,completely
統制 tǒngzh control
痛恨 tnghn hate bitterly
偷渡 tōud secretly ferry, steal across international border
偷懶 tōulăn slack,laze,shirk,loaf on the job,truant,goldbrick,lazy,mess about
投保 tubăo insure
投機 tujī speculate,be opportunistic
頭腦 tunăo brains,mind,head,leader,main threads,clue
投入 tur participate (in)
透過 tugu via
透明 tumng transparent
t spread on,apply,scrawl
t plan,seek,pursue
徒弟 td apprentice, disciple
圖畫 thu drawing,picture,painting
突擊 tj ambush,outfall,rush,thrust,blitz,onrush,sally,descent,sortie,assault,surprise attack,coup de main
途徑 tjng way,channel
圖騰 ttng totem
突兀 tw towering, distinguished, prominent
土壤 tŭrăng soil
tun [general]measure word for some abstract things indicating confusion or disorder
團聚 tunj reunite
團員 tunyun member (of delegation/organization/etc.)
推測 tuīc infer,conjecture,guess
推出 tuīchū present to public
推崇 tuīchng esteem,praise highly
推選 tuīxuăn elect, choose
退化 tuhu degenerate, deteriorate
吞吞吐吐 tūntūntŭtŭ hum and haw
tuō hold in palm, support from under, serve as foil, set off, put lining in
tuō delay,drag on,procrastinate
拖累 tuōli encumber, be burden on, implicate, involve
脫身 tuōshēn get free,extricate oneself,get away,get away
脫手 tuōshǒu sell
拖延 tuōyn delay,put off
妥當 tuǒdang appropriate,proper
瓦斯 wăsī gas
外公 wigōng maternal grandfather
外號 wiho nickname
外力 wil outside/external force
外貿 wimo foreign trade
外銷 wixiāo sell abroad or elsewhere within country
外線 wixin exterior lines, outside (phone) connection
外衣 wiyī outer clothing/garment, semblance, appearance
外遇 wiy paramour,extramarital affair
外在 wizi external,extrinsic
外資 wizī foreign capital
外祖父 wizŭf maternal grandfather
外祖母 wizŭmŭ maternal grandmother
彎曲 wānqū distort
完備 wnbi perfect
玩弄 wnnng play/juggle with, resort to, employ
頑強 wnqing stubborn
wăn pull, draw
挽救 wănji save,remedy
萬分 wnfēn extremely, enormously
萬歲 wnsu banzai,heil,hurrah,long live viva
萬萬 wnwn absolutely
萬物 wnw myriads of things,all nature
惋惜 wnx feel sorry for/about, pity
亡國 wnggu lose national independence,let a state perish,subjugate a nation
往來 wăngli come and go
旺季 wngj peak period, busy/high season
旺盛 wngshng vigorous,exuberant
威風 wēifēng 1.power and prestige 2.majestic and awe-inspiring
威力 wēil power,might
wi to do
wi to be,become
違背 wibi violate,go against
危害 wihi harm,endanger
圍巾 wijīn muffler, scarf
圍牆 wiqing enclosing wall
圍繞 wiro move around,center on,revolve around
為人 wirn personal character/make-up
微弱 wiru faint,feeble,weak
為生 wishēng make a living
維生素 wishēngs vitamin
為首 wishǒu head,be headed by
微小 wixiăo minute,tiny,slight
違約 wiyuē break one's promise,renege,violate a treaty,break contract,break promise/engagement,welch,break a contract,violate treaty,default,break off an engagement
為止 wizhǐ stop here
委屈 wěiqū feel wronged; to nurse a grievance 2.[Polite] to put someone under great inconvenience, etc.
萎縮 wēisuō wither,shrivel,shrink,sag,atrophy
wi stomach
未必 wib may not,not necessarily
為何 wih why,for what reason
未婚夫 wihūnfū fiance
未婚妻 wihūnqī fiancee
胃口 wikǒu appetite,liking
未免 wimiăn rather,truly,inevitably
wēn warm up, review
溫帶 wēndi temperate zone
溫和 wēnh temperate,mild,moderate,gentle
溫泉 wēnqun hot spring
溫習 wēnx review
溫馴 wēnxn obedient, peaceful,tamed
瘟疫 wēny pestilence
聞名 wnmng well-known,famous
文明 wnmng civilization,culture
文憑 wnpng diploma
文書 wnshū document, official correspondence
文壇 wntn literary circles
文獻 wnxin data/documents related to a country's history/culture/etc.
穩健 wěnjin firm,steady
紊亂 wnlun disorder,chaos,confusion
問世 wnsh be published,come out
w lie down,crouch,sit (of animals/birds),poach (eggs)
烏龜 wūguī tortoise,cuckold
烏龍茶 wūlngch oolong tea
烏鴉 wūyā crow
無比 wbǐ unparalleled,matchless
無線電 wxindin radio
無疑 wy beyond doubt,undoubtedly
五金 wŭjīn five metals,ironware,the five metals,hardware,metals
武力 wŭl armed force
侮辱 wŭr insult,humiliate
武士 wŭsh palace guard, warrior, knight
武術 wŭsh martial art
武裝 wŭzhuāng arm,equipped with weapons
誤差 wchā error
物產 wchăn products, produce
誤解 wjiě misread,misunderstand
物品 wpǐn article,goods
務實 wsh try to be practical/pragmatic,deal with concrete matters
物體 wtǐ body,substance,object
物資 wzī materials,goods
西服 xīf Western-style clothes
溪流 xīli brook,rivulet
西洋 xīyng the West,the Western world
西醫 xīyī Western medicine
x tin
x [general][event]individual measure word for 1. elaborate meals, usually for a special event. 2. talking, vindicatingetc.3. special space or political event
襲擊 xj make surprise attack on
昔日 xr former days/times
習題 xt exercises
席位 xwi seat
喜劇 xǐj comedy
洗禮 xǐlǐ baptism,severe test
喜氣 xǐq hilarity
喜悅 xǐyu happy,joyous
戲曲 xqŭ a drama; a play; a traditional opera
瑕疵 xicī flaw, blemish
峽谷 xigŭ gorge,canyon
狹小 xixiăo narrow and small,narrow
狹窄 xizhăi narrow,cramped,narrow and limited
下筆 xibǐ begin to paint,put pen to paper,begin to write
下跌 xidi fall,decline,decrease
下列 xili listed below,following
下水 xishuǐ water,enter the water,take to evildoing,fall into evil ways,launch,be launched
下水道 xishuǐdo sewer
下旬 xixn last 10-day period of month
xiān lift (cover/etc.), surge, cause to surge
仙丹 xiāndān elixir of life
先後 xiānhu order,priority
先進 xiānjn senior (in age/experience/etc.)
鮮明 xiānmng bright (of color),distinct,distinctive
先驅 xiānqū pioneer, forerunner, harbinger
先天 xiāntiān congenital,inborn,a priori,innate
纖維 xiānwi fiber,staple
鮮豔/艶 xiānyn bright
嫌疑 xiny suspicion
顯現 xiănxin appear,reveal
xin set a limit,restrict
限度 xind limit,limitation
憲法 xinfă constitution,charter
線路 xinl circuit,line,route
陷入 xinr sink/fall into,get bogged down in
獻身 xinshēn give one's life for,consecrate,dedicate oneself to,dedicate,devote oneself to,devote,give one's life
現行 xinxng in effect/force/operation,current,active
現狀 xinzhung status quo,present conditions
xiāng inlay, set, mount
相處 xiāngchŭ get along (with one another)
相傳 xiāngchun hand down or pass on from one to another
相仿 xiāngfăng be similar, be more or less same
相符 xiāngf conform to, tally/agree with, correspond to/with
相繼 xiāngj in succession,one after another
相配 xiāngpi match, fit
鄉土 xiāngtŭ upcountry,corny
香皂 xiāngzo perfumed/scented soap
想開 xiăngkāi think away, get over
響亮 xiăngling loud and clear, vociferous;ring_out
xing [general]individual measure word for sums of money, accounts...etc.
xing always,all along
嚮導 xingdăo guide,cicerone
嚮往 xingwăng long for,dream of
象徵 xingzhēng symbol,emblem,token
象徵 xingzhēng symbolize,signify,stand for
消毒 xiāod disinfect,sterilize
消防 xiāofng fight/prevent fire
消耗 xiāoho consume,use up,deplete
消遣 xiāoqiăn make fun of ..
消遣 xiāoqiăn divert oneself, while away time
瀟灑 xiāosă handsome and debonair,natural and unrestrained
逍遙 xiāoyo be free and unfettered
小販 xiăofn peddler,vendor,hawker
小伙/夥子 xiăohuǒzi lad, young fellow, youngster
小腿 xiăotuǐ shank
效法 xiofă follow example of
效勞 xiolo serve,give service to,work in the service of,render service to,devote oneself to,work for,be in the service of
效力 xiol effect
笑嘻嘻 xioxīxī grinning,smiling broadly,grin
孝子 xiozǐ dutiful son, son in mourning
效忠 xiozhōng devote oneself heart and soul,pledge loyalty to
協辦 xibn do sth. jointly
協定 xidng arrange,accord,covenant
協會 xihu association, society