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My favorite Chinese learning sites


horsedragonfish - Awesome comic strips to teach Chinese in a fun way

fluentULearn Chinese with video clips. :) LIKE!

chinesecourse - Great flashcards & native speaker readings for a small monthly fee.

Chinese Characters
  Dictionary with pictures and animations


- The BEST free, non-nonsense, practical sentence practice page for Chinese I have ever seen (and I have seen a lot!)

MDBG Chinese-English dictionary- A comprehensive chinese dictionary

livemocha -  free language exchange with native speakers      

        google translate  - instant direct translations

   Mandarin Spot   -   dictionary and annotator   

NICKU - Hundreds  of example sentences

jukuu - search for sentence examples (simplified) :) LIKE!


Serika - learn chinese from professional Mandarin teachers in 1-on-1 immersive lessons.  Chinese from professional  teachers 1-on-1 

Software that I use for learning Chinese

pleco- the absolute must-have APP, pay the price ,it's worth it!

iqchinese -if you can  type you can learn!

zdt - create flashcards easily with ZDT

- offline dictionary and pinyin converter

pepera PerperaFirefox plugin to view character meanings on webpages


Learn other languages and more..

gettheskillGetTheSkill: Database with links to FREE languages courses around the world

Language Learning Advisor:  Need some advise on learning languages? Go here!!

Babelan.net : Find lanuage exchange partners and resources.

Everyday language learner : Helping you have fun learning another language

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