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Sentences for Advanced Mandarin Chinese learners with vocabulary from SCTOP Advanced Wordlist.

案 情    [àn qíng]    /details of a case/case/
案 子    [àn zi]     case/law case/legal case/judicial case/
昂 貴    [áng guì]    /expensive/costly/
奧 妙    [ào miào]    /subtle/
懊 惱    [ào nǎo]    /annoyed/vexed/upset/
把 持    [bǎ chí]    /control/dominate/monopolize/
白 皮書    [bái pí shū]    /white paper/white book/
拜 會    [bài huì]    /pay an official call/call on/visit in an official capacity/
班 車    [bān chē]    /regular bus (service)/
頒 發    [bān fā]    /issue/promulgate/award/

案情: 這個案情的證據不夠.     -  This case lacks evidence.

案子:  這個案子還需要查一查.  - This case needs more investigation.

昂貴: 我買了一個昂貴的戒指. - I bought an expensive ring.

奧妙: 不難看出其中的奧妙. - It's not hard to see what really going on.

懊惱: 他被騙了, 所以他的心裡很懊惱. - He was lied to so he is very upset.

把持:  我怕我把持不住我的心情. - I'm afraid I cannot control my feelings.

白皮書: 社會科學白皮書.  -  The White Paper on Human Art studies.

拜會: 我要去拜會老友. - I want to go and visit some old friends.

班車:  他錯過了回家的最後一班車. - He missed the last bus home.

頒發: 他們
  - They awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to Mandela

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