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Sentences for Advanced Mandarin Chinese learners with vocabulary from SCTOP Advanced Wordlist.

暴雨 [bào yǔ] /torrential rain/rainstorm/
報章 [bào zhāng] /newspapers/
碑 [bēi] /a monument/an upright stone tablet/stele/
悲哀 [bēi āi] /grieved/sorrowful/
悲觀 [bēi guān] /pessimistic/
貝殼 [bèi ké] /shell/
倍數 [bèi shù] /multiple/
背誦 [bèi sòng] /recite/repeat from memory/
背心 [bèi xīn] /a sleeveless garment/
被子 [bèi zi] /quilt/
奔騰 [bēn téng] /(of waves) surge forward/to gallop/

暴雨 - 暴雨中出現了好多次閃電。
    There were many flashes of lightning during the storm

報章 - 報章也是課堂輔助教材的主要來源。
    Newspapers are a main source of complementary reading.

碑 - 天黑了,我看不見這塊石頭上的碑文。
    It is dark, I cannot read the inscription on this stone.
    The front of the monument is made from stone.

悲哀 - 日子久了, 你的悲哀是會消失的。
    As time passes, your grief and sorrow will disappear.

悲觀 - 他對未來感到悲觀。
    He is pessimistic about the future.
    It's really easy to sell insurance to a pessimist.
貝殼 - 小貝殼常被用作簡單的貨幣。
    Small seashells were used as a primitive form of money.

倍數 - 十是五的倍數。

          Ten is a multiple of five.
         Twelve is the triple of four.

背誦 - 他把詩中記得住的都背誦出來了。
       He recited as much from the poem as he could remember.

背心 - 他的襯衫很薄, 連裡面穿的背心都能看見.
       He shirt was so thin that we could see his vest.

被子 - 母親昨天補了一床被子。
       Mother made (patched) a quilt yesterday.

- 我們聽到河水奔騰而過大圓石的聲音。
             We heard the sound of the river rushing over the boulders.
        The  surge of the tide.

        The horse neighed and galloped away.

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